Still Time for VBP + Bath Time (Before Spring!)

I must apologize (again) for my human: I was unable to post a VBP post the past week and only my furriend Savannah posted one here. Thank you, Savannah.

As a reminder (VBP), you can still post your VBP post until tonight for this week and enter the link to your post via Savannah’s post by clicking on the bluey badge.

Between her “work” and her “classes,” my human monopolized (VBP) the computer and ignored our longing (VBP) for blogging and visiting our furriends. Hmpf.

But fear not my furriends, tomorrow there will be a new VBP post AND I will also post the links to the past two weeks’ pawticipants =^.^=

Meanwhile, Kitshka and I are getting ready for Spring, preparing our fur as necessary. Except Kitshka is more interested in playing… (Notice the laser eyes to the human ;-)

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

26 thoughts on “Still Time for VBP + Bath Time (Before Spring!)

  1. Looks like you two are doing exactly what please you both. That is sure one tight squeeze into that bed…a good way to stay extra warm and snuggly. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  2. You both look MAHVELOUS!

    Wow, how Kitshka has grown! She’s such a beautiful young lady cat now! XOXO And what a foofy tail she has!

    But do tell her, Texas, that she needs to NOT neglect YOUR bathing!


  3. this bee a grate mewvie guys…we gived it 25 paws up for grate actshun shots plus de …whoa awardz…. coz we will never see de likes oh this in trout towne…sure we dont hate each other….we just dont like each other….at leest we act like we dont like each other when R momz ’round !!! a wild whitefish wednesday ta all :)

  4. Texas, Mum and I reached an agreement – you might like this idea. We do TWO VBP a month, we KNOW we can do Two, we write and schedule TWO and TWO go up guaranteed. This month we has two interviews sandwiches by two VBP’s BUT from April it will alternate! What do you think? Good idea?

  5. Hello guys, I am preparing my fur for Spring as well, to be honest, it is snowing inside the house now, all over the place, hairs everywhere!
    You look cute both of you. Purrs !

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