Living the Americat Dream

The Human: Texas, it’s the American dream.

Texas: Yes, that’s what I said, the Americat dream. Move over, human! This is my fame here!

Hiya everyone! Today is not Thankful Thursday but it can certainly be – expect a French accent here – Sankful Saturday (Because the French sometimes say “sank you” instead of “thank you”. . . ok whatever!).

So, it’s Thankful Saturday.

Remember back in January when I asked you if you would kindly vote for me in Westchester Magazine’s 2013 Pet of the Year Contest?

You kindly answered and voted for me and I could announce in February that I was among the ten cutest pets (out of 144) of the year in Westchester Magazine.

THANK YOU to all of you who voted for me!
Thank you!

The results of the 2013 Pet Contest is in Westchester Magazine’s April issue.
I am famous.

This is me on the right (don't pay attention to the doggie on the left)

This is me on the right (don’t pay attention to the doggie on the left)

Texas is my brother!

Texas is my brother!

The Human: Well, Texas you are famous in Westchester County, NY.

Texas: human, drop the capital H please. I am a star and you are jealous, that’s it.

The human: No Texas, I am really happy for you!

Texas: Here is the page on Westchester Magazine’s website. Wesley has been chosen as the top pet. My page is here (you can like it if you wish ;-).

Here’s what the humans at the magazine have to say about me:

The Bilingual Blogger
Have you read his blog? Yes, this cat is an ambitious one. When he’s not typing away, you can find Texas snuggled up in the recycling bin, listening to classical music or playing with his sister.

The human: The recycle bin? I wrote “a bag full of other plastic bags we keep for recycling.” That’s not the recycle bin!

Texas: True but… yeah, whatever.

And at the bottom of my page, you can also click to see a video of me (that I have posted below).

The human: oh no, Texas! I’m talking in the video, I hate my accent, you know that!

Texas: I’m famous!

52 thoughts on “Living the Americat Dream

  1. Texas you are a STAR now and always for those of us who are your friends!! Please tell your Mom that we LOVE her French accent….Concatulations on being in Westchester Magazine – you’d better prepare yourself for lots of fan mail from the girl kitties!!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sam

  2. Concatulations for being in the top ten, but we think you were robbed, and we demand a recount. How could a woody win? Texas, you are the winner as far as we are concerned. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  3. Texas, that is so exciting that you are famous. Now you need to start passing out your pawprint. And that was a great picture. Glad you got into the magazine. Have a great day.

  4. TEXAS!!! You totally rock my furriend! Give me some High Four Paw Pats…whappity whap whap…yeah!! You look so handsome in that photo…purrfect way to kick off celebrating your big number seven birthday April 4th!! Woo Hoo!! luvluvluv ya man!

  5. This is totally pawsome Texas! Of course you’re a star and now you’re fame is spreading…*highpaws* Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter

  6. Congratulations, Texas! What a great accomplishment, making it into the magazine! I do want to day, there are WAY too many dogs in that article, especially since I don’t even think most of them REALLY qualify as cute. My human, BTW, says she likes your human’s accent.

  7. dood !!!! conga ratz two ewe on winnin this contest…we new ewe could due it…a magazeen haz never looked sew good…N yea, WHY iz de dawggie hoggin up yur space :)

    awesum dood…way awesum !!

  8. Well done you!! We always knew you were special but now the two legs have also realised!! I hope you are having something special for tea?!

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