Monthly Caturday Kitty Links – March 2013

I don’t know if you have noticed, but lately, my human has seized any occasion to post a link to her bloggie on MY BLOG. What can I say? I have way more followers than she has. Ah!

Nevertheless, she came up with an idea she came up with some links from bloggies she was following and I came up with an idea!

Some of the blogs she is following – cooking or other blogs but not cat blogs per se – sometimes post stories about the kitties in the bloggers’ lives. Sometimes I post the links of some posts on my Facebook profile because I think you might enjoy checking them.

So I came up with an idea: Why not post the links in a post here? This could be a monthly post. We think anything kitty-related is interesting, don’t you think?

Please, check the links below and at the bottom of this post, I added a quick survey for you to tell me if you like the idea and would like me to try a monthly edition. Be honest! These are links I have selected because I think you might enjoy checking them, but you are the best able to tell me ;-)

Thank you in advance and enjoy!

This first link is just so you can see cute Norma Jean!

Here are pictures of Flyball, eating baby spinach leaves! I think I’ll stick with chicken though =^.^=

Want to visit the Agora in Athens? What about a kitty as a guide?

The kitties at Love & Olive Oil have trained their humans well!

And finally for the March edition, how to make a cardboard cat condo! That’s a nice project for your humans, I think.

Hope you liked the links! Don’t forget to vote. I already have 5 links for April – and we can never get enough kitties, can we? – but I want to know if you are interested! Thank you!

42 thoughts on “Monthly Caturday Kitty Links – March 2013

  1. We think the links are a good idea. We like to visit all kinds of blogs. We will have to come back when we have more time to explore. Thanks for doing this.
    Have a good week end.

  2. I really can’t decide how I feel about this. I really did like a couple of the links. We all have so many kitty blogs that we follow, I am not sure that I need to check-out the occasional kitty on another blog. I voted to give it a try.

  3. While I am not interested in humans’ doings, I AM intensely interested in anything their cats are doing! One blogger my human and I both love is Random Creative Art ( – Rose and her husband have three kitties, two of them kittens who are growing into handsome adult cats. She features them at least once a week. BTW, any humans who is into crafts will love her site! She is very smart and has made a great business out of it.

    Oh, and my human featured Binga today on her photo blog (which almost NEVER has cats in it!!):

  4. Norma Jean is cute as a button & I LOVE Flyball chewing spinach!!! Very cool kitties!!! Enjoyed the story about Agora kitty guide!!! We totally love the antics of Sgt Pepper (Cheerio kitty) & Kalypso & finally what a great DIY blog about making a kitty condo!!! I love the links to these blogs as I may not find these otherwise!! texas I think you are on to something here!!!!
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too..

  5. I think it’s a wonderful idea–I am not on FB enough to see everyone’s posts and this enables me to see the rest of what you’re reading. Good job, Texas and Carine!

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