Family Chillaxing Time

The weekend is over but I think the humans are happy the entire week is over and hope they (and we) can have a less eventful stressful new week. Milou is not completely back to normal but we sure hope he will get better.

Thank you so much again for all your powerful purrs. Here’s a rare family picture of us three to thank you!

Notice the natural born leader in this house is on top ;-) Life is good.

So, with everything that happened, my editorial schedule was all messed up. Here is what is going to take place the coming week: on Tuesday, I will have super great news about my blog; on Thursday, my human and I are going to review the same great book we were supposed to review last Thursday; on next Caturday, we will have another book review (and a giveaway) related to kitties (of course) and poetry and drawings!

Wishing you all a good week to come!

3 thoughts on “Family Chillaxing Time

  1. Hi Texas, maybe you already heard this from others or maybe I am just slow today (always possible!) but it doesn’t look like I can “like” any of the new posts. They come up in the WP reader but the Like function does not work. :( Please advise, Frankie, a Cat in Westchester.

    • Hmmm I’ll have to investigate that. Others seem to be able to like the posts, but maybe not through the reader… I’ll check it out and let you know. Thanks for letting me know about that problem!

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