Kitshka Friday: The Lady in the House

I guess you’ve all seen what the humans have done with my emergency kibbles, yesterday. Well, I made it clear what I thought about how they acted. After the female human had gone, I threw kibbles all over the bedroom. That’ll teach them!

Since the female human is gone to some place where she is meeting other humans and some doggies (!) and kitties (!!) – Texas tried to explained but I didn’t really understand why she was going to something called BlogPaws while she had our paws blogging here… – I am the only lady in the house.

So I thought I would try what the female human is doing.

First, I slept where she usually sleeps on the human bed.

It was okay.

What I really wanted to try was her chair in front of her computer. Well, she left some of her stuff on the chair, but I could still sit on it. And there, it was the greatest place I had tried in hours!

It felt so comfy, I felt a little snooze coming…

Well, now I understand why the humans spend so much time in front of the computer: these chairs are the comfiest!

31 thoughts on “Kitshka Friday: The Lady in the House

  1. Kitshka you are SO adorable and so VERY floofy too!!!! I bet you liked lying on your Mum’s side of the bed and being on her chair where her stuff was….it was almost (ALMOST) like having Mum there. I do think your kibble protest technique of throwing kibble all ’round the room is BOUND to get her attention when she returns from BlogPaws. I agree with you though – why go away for paws when she’s got LOTS of paws at home????!!!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. Do you know how adorable you are? And that series of pictures are so sweet! That smile you have before you take a nap…my mom is just so wanting to transport over (She cannot, thank heavens) and give you pets and kisses).

  3. Since you’re the ONLY lady of the house, you should be able to nap anywhere you want…’re so beautiful…hope the humans get the message about your emergency supply of kibbles!

  4. Kitshka, you are SO gorgeous! What a stunning young lady you’ve grown into! And I don’t blame you for playing “Kibble Toss”! Plus you can find them later & munch on ’em.

    Selina recently posted…Thankee Thirsty-DayMy Profile

  5. How right you are Kithska, the computer chair is the best place ever and as soon as my human leaves the chair, I jump to have a little rest on it. Purrs!
    Eirwena recently posted…ACCUEILMy Profile

  6. kitshka…my stars girl, dont forget to inspect that hand bag for accessory items and loose cash such as 50’s and 100’s… yourself to any of the “plastic” you see also…by my calculations you have 24 hours of online shopping before you mom…finds out…..

    hugs from dai$y and the boys as well, enjoy the weekend, hope your mom has a safe trip home

  7. Kitshka how old are you??????????????????????? Just want to know so i will know how long I have to put up with things like that mess you showed us in your picture. I have thoughs kinds of messes 3 or 4 times a day!!!!!! With kittend 7 and a half months old!!!

  8. Kitshka tu as un peu plus d’un mois de plus que moi, mais Nat à Chat elle trouve que tu fais plus (+) bébé que moi. Ça la fait craquer, elle te trouve absolument adorable. C’est vrai que tu es mignonne comme tout. Moi aussi je suis pas mal !
    Moi je préfère les lits, mais il a l’air bien ton fauteuil…. étant bien entendu que maintenant c’est TON fauteuil.
    Des ronrons.
    Hisia – Nat à Chat recently posted…Bonne nouvelle ..My Profile

  9. Yow Kitshka…you did a bery bery guud job fillin in fer Mum dere!!! Me LUBZ to sleep in me Mum’z bed too!!!
    Mum haz a laptop so we snuggle on da futon while she iz on it. me Wunderz what a puter chair feelz like….it SHIRE lookz BERY comfy…..
    You iz bery beeutifull n pose so purrty!!!
    Lub frum Nylablue n her Mum Sherri-Ellen xo
    sherri-ellen t-d recently posted…Furiday’z bit of diz n dat!!!!My Profile

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