Mondays Are For Memories: More Kitten Naps

***Just a quick info to start with: people in the Tri-State area, do you know Jackson Galaxy and Gwen Cooper are going to be talking cats (what else?!) tomorrow at Strand Books? My human has only seen the info in the Strand Books newsletter, so I thought I would share! You can check the info here.***

Now back to our Mondays are for Memories.

I have already featured pics of me napping as a kitten, and since I know you cannot get enough of them, here are some more!

I was 4-month old on these pics. My human was trying her brand new DSLR and I was her model! (You might recognize a picture I used last week ;-)

50 thoughts on “Mondays Are For Memories: More Kitten Naps

  1. Texas you truly were a cutie-pie kitten and grew into a most handsome cat…..I’d say you look VERY comfy on that chair – kittens and naps go together purrrrfectly don’t you think???

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy
    Sammy recently posted…Auction Time!My Profile

  2. AAAWWW! Such sweet photos of you, Texas! We are so glad you shared them! Our mom was so happy to meet your mom, meeting the moms was the best part. We hope you’ve gotten some extra snuggles now she is safely home. And thanks for stopping by and helping us trash the house. We never could have done such a good job by ourselves. Purrs!
    Oui Oui recently posted…We’re Back!My Profile

    • My human was very glad to meet your Mom too! And she agrees about the best part being meeting all our furriends’ humans!

  3. dood….yur wee kitteh pick sures R rockin !!! N we hope yur mom gets ta chillax with jackson N gwen…how soooooper kewl iz that !!! enjoy… N meowloz ta milou; dood, hope yur feelin better…N kitshka !

  4. Absolutely nothing cuter than a napping kitten. Mom says that she could ooh and ash over those photos all day. We say, she better not spend all of her time today doing that. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on My Head, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette
    Janet@TheCatOnMyHead recently posted…EASY LIKE SUNDAY WITH MAURICIOMy Profile

    • My human completely understands. The humans’ dryer machine died the day she came back and started the laundry too :-/ She wasn’t too pleased.
      She was glad to meet your human at BlogPaws by the way!

    • She said they seemed awesome, both of them!
      She didn’t get to talk to them very long (there were a lot of people!) but she really enjoyed the event!

    • I hope we can stay in touch too!
      My human was very happy to meet your Mom and to learn about your bloggie!!

  5. OMC My dumb human didn’t transfer your new URL to her reader!!! I wondered why I wasn’t getting updates?? So sorry> She will be replaced very soon I’m telling you!!

    Anyways Texas, it’s good to see you doing the cutes so professionally! ;)

    ciao, Austin :)
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    • Well, MY human forgot to remind me about your birthday! I kitty swear she’s going to hear from me about it until the end of the year!

      We need to find a more efficient way to train our humans, methinks.


  6. Hey there Texas….we are luvin your kitten pix alot!!!! You are so relaxed sleeping on your back….lol…
    I wonder what Nylablue looked like when she was a kitten napping??? As she cam to me when she was 5 years old I don’t know….wonder if she was as cute as you??? ;)
    Sherri-Ellen & (napping) Nylablue
    Sherri-Ellen T-D. recently posted…May-vember in CanadaMy Profile

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