Kitshka Friday: What To Do? What To Do?

When it’s raining outside and there’s not much on Bird or Squirrel TV?

Why, nap of course! Here are some of my top relaxing positions!

How do you nap?

36 thoughts on “Kitshka Friday: What To Do? What To Do?

  1. this just proves that cats can nap in any position and anyplace. After all, that’s how Kitshka stays to beautiful with all those beauty naps.

  2. Kitshka you are just SO floofy and adorable napping in some awkwardly comfortable positions! We cats do that a lot don’t we? What looks uncomfy to humans is heavenly for cats… do I nap??????? I nap ALL the time…..and I snore…..loudly!

    Happy Friday, Sammy

  3. Nat à Chat : Oh que la vie est dure …
    Tu es adorable Kitshka. J’adore toujours autant tes positions de détente.
    Des caresses jolie minette.
    Hisia : C’est rigolo les poils longs sous les pattes.
    J’aime beaucoup tes positions de relaxation. Elles sont un peu comme les miennes.
    J’espère que la pluie va partir pour que la télé écureuil-oiseau puisse refonctionner.
    Des ronrons.
    Hisia – Nat à Chat recently posted…Et toujours aussi mystérieuxMy Profile

  4. Kitshka, I could be looking in the mirror the way you lay to nap. Although some of those positions are making me a little stiff to get into, since I’m 15 years young. I especially like the window lean picture. Ido that one over the leg of my moms computer chair. I have to stay close so I know she’s doing the computer thingy right. Love reading about you and Texas keep them coming.

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