The Week To Come: Celebrations, Celebrations, Celebrations!

Hiya Everyone!

Sorry we have been posting and visiting sporadically lately. I was hoping to catch up today but my human spent hours on the computer and then… she went for a walk in the forest!!!

Here is what she got when she came back:

Texas a Cat in New York, cat tree, talk to the paw

Talk to the paw.

Now for the fun part. Next week, there will be a lot of celebrations! Which means nip and treats!

Monday, June 24
This is Sparkle’s birthday! Yeah! And this is also Cat World Domination Day!

This is also the day I have chosen my human, 7 years ago! I have to admit, after 7 years, I still have to train her everyday. Well, we’ll see if she comes up with something I can be proud of tomorrow…

Wednesday, June 26
This is Kitshka’s birthday. She will be one year. Can you remember this pic of her? It was months ago!

She’s grown up now but she is as pretty as ever!

Thursday, June 27
This is my human’s birthday. Not that we should care… except that she usually gives us extra treats because it’s her birthday. In the end, 7 years of training have yielded some good results too ;-)

Have you got something special to celebrate this week? Let us know so we can celebrate with you!

53 thoughts on “The Week To Come: Celebrations, Celebrations, Celebrations!

  1. Wow Texas – what an incredible week you’re going to have! Starting off with today – your 7 years anniversary of being in your home….that’s so wonderful. I know your human is as happy as YOU are about that….then Kitshka’s birthday and the very next day your human’s birthday. WOW. That’s a whole lot of PARTY for the week. Try not to overindulge Texas but enjoy every minute of it!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. Love the “paw” photo, Texas! There’s lots of birthdays for us to celebrate in the month of June too: my humom’s birthday was the 4th, and my step-brofur’s was the 16th.
    Happy Birthday to Little K AND to your humom!
    Dianna recently posted…SpiritedMy Profile

  3. Yow Texas we sellybrated dat iz waz Kitshka’s birfday n we got dere late fer day!!! we iz just happy to be here!!
    (Oh n Mum de;eted yer blog earlier today…me waz furriuss wif her n me made her search fer ya n she did n now we iz back!!)
    Did ya miss us?? MOL!!
    Lub Nylablue n mum too xo
    Sherri-Ellen T-D. recently posted…Da Super Sweet AwardMy Profile

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