Life Goes On With A Song

If you are furriends with me on Facebook, you might have seen that our humans took us to the vet for our rabies booster yesterday.

At first we were a little worried we were going on a road trip again. And vet or else, we made our complaint heard in the car. The three of us sang the “The Warrior Songs of our brotherhood & sisterhood in three-part harmony”, as Spitty purrfectly put it.

Want to hear it? No problem! Turn the volume up and wait until the end (it’s less than one minute long) to hear the three of us together.

Can you tell who’s who?

The high-pitched one is of course Little Kitshka, the lower one is Milou. I’m in the middle!

Feel free to use it as an inspiration next time your humans take you to the vet!

My human, who prides herself of having recorded our performance, has not recorded my solo performance in front of the vet! Rock-Hiss-N-Growl is its name! I wish I could have shared it with you too!

Other than that, we are all doing fine. I am, er, a healthy – cough – 14 lbs. Milou has gained back some weight too, and is now a little more than 8 lbs (back from around 6 lbs). The surprise is that beautiful Kitshka is already 9 lbs! The vet and the humans seem to think it’s a lot for a one year old kitty. But Little (hem!) K is fit and doing a lot of exercise. Also, the humans aren’t exactly sure what her cat father was, only that he was a long-haired kitty (the cat mom is a shorthair). So it might be that her cat father was a massive kitty? What do you think?

That said, she’s always eager to push me out of my bowl to eat my food!

Well, my furriends, I gotta go now. My human and I have some planning to do for my blog.

Texas planning is blog posts

Wishing you all a great Sunday!

44 thoughts on “Life Goes On With A Song

  1. That’s funny….you don’t sound French!!
    You already sound like Texans! Lol!
    Glad you all are doing so well.
    Hugs from Deep South Texas♥

  2. That’s funny…you don’t sound French!
    You already sound like Texans! Lol!
    Glad you all are doing so well.
    Hugs from Deep South Texas♥

  3. I’ve heard that song, and also Rock-Hiss-n-Growl, in many orchestrations. They’re old feline standards of course.

    Poor kitties don’t understand that it’s all to their health. It’s good that everyone got a clean bill of health and is back home to sing some happier tunes. :-)

  4. Tu as un coté très très beau mâle sur la dernière photo Texas. Tu est tout beau.
    Moi j’ai à peu près le même age que toi Kitshka, j’ai juste à peine de graisse sur le ventre, sinon Nat à Chat elle dit qu’on sent beaucoup mes côtes et presque tous mes os. Et pourtant je pèse 3,8 kg. Et je suis petite, longue mais petite. Alors tu n’es pas grosse du tout !
    Il parait que à moi toute seule je fais presque autant de bruit que vous… mais ça c’est de la médisance d’humains. Vous avez une fort jolie voix !
    Plein de ronrons pour tous les trois.
    Nat à Chat recently posted…Hisia dodo – Episode 6My Profile

  5. EEoww Texas da three part harmonee waz pawsum!!!!Bet yer Hu’Manz wished dey took ya sepperatelee, MOL!!
    Da Three Tenorz gotz nuffin on ya all!!!
    We hopez all is well in da house of Texas, Kitshka n Milou……
    Lub Nylablue.
    Pee Ess: Ya are looking just fine to me Texas!!!! ;)

  6. Wow. You guys sure sing in purrfect harmony! We actually guessed your mews to the right kitty. We surprised ourselves! :)
    We notice that little packet of “BURPEE, Cat Grass” right in front of you, Texas. We hope you don’t have to wait long before they ARE nommable cat grass. ;)
    Whisppy recently posted…Soaking SaturdayMy Profile

  7. You all are like “The Three Tenors” !! Beautiful – all you need is a little guitar and whammo – rock band! Texas, welcome to the “14-pounder club” – me too buddy – just more to love I say. Kitshka is quickly catching up though – good thing she adores you or she might be a force to be reckoned with (lady wrestler??).

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy
    Sammy recently posted…MeowndayMy Profile

  8. My Kitties were going to comment on this blog but they ran out of the room when they heard your song. They are hiding. They know the Warrior song too. My big boy Andy knows Rock-hiss and growl. I guess they share their vet songs.

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