A Green Cat Treat (Kind Of): Human Sunday Silliness

The day before yesterday, I was reading a post at Catsparella’s about German cat’s tongues and you might remember that my human once made some that I posted about on my bloggie, and it reminded me of something!

With the move, I forgot to share about my human’s silliness. My human is a little bit silly sometimes. I have to agree with the male human that she does try some weird stuff in terms of food. Wonder what I’m talking about? No, I’m not talking snails or crickets, I’m talking green stuff. Like green cake. She claims it’s Matcha tea and that it is both good and healthy. I thought it was nip! It is not!!!

When we lived in New York, she used to shop at H-Mart, a Korean grocery chain, a supermarket rich in Matcha tea things of all sorts.

All sorts.

And my human, the silly silly one, she has to try them. Regardless, too, of the name on top of the, er, food. Please forgive me my furriends but am I the only one here that thinks there is something wrong with that name?!

Couque D'Asses Langues de Chat | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Couque D'Asses Langues de Chat | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Couque D'Asses Langues de Chat | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Human: But Texas, I bought this because it was also written “langue de chat cookies”, or cat’s tongues…

Texas: Human! Does this look like cat’s tongues to you?!?

Couque D'Asses Langues de Chat | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Couque D'Asses Langues de Chat | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Couque D'Asses Langues de Chat | Texas, a cat in... Austin

I did some research on the Internet and found the following. OMC!

To a Japanese processed food company, what is more exotic than English lettering for their packaging? One company, Sanritsu, one-upped the industry by mixing French and English together. Flench and Engrish. Flengrish. But there are dangers of utilizing Flengrish. That’s what I thought when, at my local Japanese market, I happened upon a box of couque d’asses.

Someone literate in both French and English would notice that the box contains cookies of asses. Ass cookies. And the experience is enhanced by the subtitle of “langue de chat cookies and chocolate,” or cat’s tongue cookies and chocolate. I just kept thinking of all the places of a cat’s anatomy that can be reached by his tongue, and from which area a chocolate-colored cookie might appear during an intense self-cleaning session.

She claims the cookies were not bad but with little interest. She thinks the male human and I have not seen her throw the rest of the cookies away after I found the post above.

Silly silly human. I might as well start a Silly Sunday series.

32 thoughts on “A Green Cat Treat (Kind Of): Human Sunday Silliness

  1. Texas,
    Sometimes our Mom mixes all sorts of funny things together and claims that it’s wonderful. Her brother doesn’t even like to try her “experiments” but the neighbors do and they say it’s good. We just want our cat food in our dish and our nip on the floor. Don’t be mixing them in with other things, Mom! Purrs and soft paw pats to you…….

  2. Hi Texas,
    There IS a kind of “cats’ tongues” I used to like: they’re made of chocolate. Check some pictures out here: https://www.google.com/search?q=katzenzungen+schokolade&client=firefox&hs=JLh&rls=net.gmx:de:official&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=NWhIUtaTJKPF2wW6wIGQCw&ved=0CC8QsAQ&biw=1351&bih=718&dpr=1.25
    Maybe your human will like them, too.
    But I agree with you on what you say about silly names for some things.
    Take care, and have a great Sunday afternoon,
    Pit recently posted…Even an Oil-Well …My Profile

  3. Yikes, Ass cookies with green stuff inside. No thank you. At least she did not crumble up the cookie and try to hide it in the kitteh food. MOL Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

  4. Elle mange des choses bizarres ton humaine Texas ! Moi ça me donnerait pas envie d’y goûter.
    La mienne elle est obsédée par le bio et les choses qui n’ont pas beaucoup voyagé avant de les acheter.
    Des gros ronrons.
    Nat à Chat recently posted…C’est le week endMy Profile

  5. Yow Texas yer Mum iz silly butt at leest she is tryin to eat sumfing guud fer her. Mum tried diz Matcha in a shake n she had bad Reeflux frum it n it iz apposta bee so guud fer Hu’manz!!! Mum sayz never again! She said it did taste purrty good but she sayz she wuud NOT eat green A** Kitteh tongue cookiez!!! Diz iz a reelief!!! Yer poor Mum….we feelz fer her!!
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen xoxo
    Sherri-Ellen T-D. recently posted…Nanner nanner nanner…My Profile

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