Happy New Year 2016 + Resolutions for My Human

Happy New Year my Furriends!

May 2016 bring you health, kibbles and wet food aplenty, and loving humans!

What do we expect 2016 will be like at my place?

Well, there will be more sleeping…

Milou sleeping | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

…more of me waiting for my human…

Texas | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

…everyone trusting Kitshka with the car key… er, not sure this is the greatest idea, human!

Kitshka keeping the car key | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

Speaking of the human, we expect to have to try once again to keep her here…

Kitshka & Milou | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

Texas keeping the luggage | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

…I know Kitshka, it’s kind of boring to have to do it every time.

Kitshka yawning | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

Which brings me to my resolutions for my human:

  1. Come back to the state named after me: that’s where I am, plus it’s warmer and it’s friendlier, and that’s also where we are!
  2. Make me and my blog your priority
  3. Give us more treats
  4. Buy me more catnip toys…

Okay, I’ll stop here because I’m a nice, reasonable kitty.

My furriends, I hope you have a wonderful New Year’s Eve, and a great New Year! I’ll make my human help me with my bloggie and visiting you more next year! Now, if you’ll excuse us, we all need to nap now because my human is coming home tonight!

Kitshka, Texas, & Milou sleeping | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

25 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2016 + Resolutions for My Human

  1. A most reasonable list of resolutions for you AND your Mom! I hope your reunion tonight with her is wonderful – what a nice way to end the year and start a new one. I’m sure she’d rather be with you all than anywhere else too so let’s hope that HAPPENS! Meanwhile, HAPPY NEW YEAR (and see you on my blog tomorrow for my party!).

    Love, Sammy
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  2. Hi Texas,
    I wish y’alls a happy new year 2016, especially in good health and with more time with your human. I’m looking forward to reading more of you,

  3. A most happee healthee new yeer two ewe all, and heerz two an emperor bream…hillstreet loach…… kinda week oh end ♥♥♥ and N joy yur time with yur mom !!!! :)

  4. Bonjour Texas,
    Je te souhaite, ainsi qu’à toute ta famille, une super bonne année 2016.
    Plein de petits bonheurs et … une humaine présente presque tout le temps !
    Et pour nous on souhaite …. d’avoir plus souvent de tes nouvelles !
    Hisia recently posted…Croquée …. à l’encreMy Profile

  5. Well, I’ll agree with my Master – you would call him my ‘human’. Health is was is most necessary, for us, cats, and for our Masters too. Having to swallow pills one or twice a day, to receive injections, etc. Oh no! Not for me! Should our masters be ill, who would attend to us?

    NEW! I’ve decided my Master to do an English version of my blog. It’s there:
    frimousse recently posted…Tomorrow is…My Profile

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