Chicken, Shrimp, and Nip

Thank you all so very much for coming to Milou’s pawty on Monday! Milou was very touched to see you all at his purrthday. I hope you had a good time, for we sure did!

The humans came back home with some more gifts for Milou: a nip mousie, that was not super successful so far (of course, Milou prefers my magic carrot!), and a wand toy with birdie and peacock feathers (my human wasn’t able to get any picture for this one).

As mentioned before, Milou has a special diet and it is extremely rare that the humans would give him anything else for fear it would cause him health problems. But for his purrthday, he was treated with one of my Almo Nature wet food of chicken and shrimps that he devoured in less than 2 minutes… and he didn’t leave any crumb behind. Kitshka checked.

[Click to biggify]

And then Milou went back to his favorite activity:

In other news, have you heard that a cat cafe is opening in Paris, France? My human and I are very excited about it, as you can guess!

A Tribute to Furriends and Two Kittens Looking for Their Furrever Home

Although we had planned to slowly go back to regular posting and I had something cool to show your from my place of birth, Paris in France, I want to dedicate this post to another subject.

As you probably all know by now, yesterday was a(nother) sad day: we learnt that our dear furriend Dash had been forced to the Rainbow Bridge. My human and I were shocked by the news of course, and by the circumstances that caused this. We had not known Dash for such a long time – about a year. Dash was a Twitter legend and of course, we had met him on Twitter, during a pawty held by Sparkle.

We had exchanges with him and his human and could feel how much they were dedicated to helping kitties together and they radiated kindness.

We want to pay a simple tribute to all the furriends that we lost recently. We are very sad to see you go, but we will always remember you and keep you in our hearts.

Below are graphics made by Miss Ann of Zoolatry, or the humans of the kitties gone to the Bridge. I hope it is okay that I have borrowed them. They are pictures of furriends I knew and followed (You can click on the pictures to visit their blogs). I know that other furry friends have gone to the Bridge too, and this tribute is for them too.





Mr Jazz

Mr Jazz

Dash Kitten

Dash Kitten


I find it appropriate to also use this post to share a special message regarding two kittens who are looking for their furrever home: Ray Charles and Rachel. If you haven’t heard of them, please share this info so that anyone who can be interested in adopting them could know about them.

They are currently being fostered by Selina‘s humans. You can also find more information by clicking on the image below: it will take you to their blog, set up by Brian’s human.

Ray Charles and Rachel

Ray Charles and Rachel

Thank you for your help!

To all a good weekend. Take care and hug your furry friends and/or humans!

On the Road to Our New Home

Hello Kitties!

Just a quick update to let you know that we are on the road to our new home and are in Nashville tonight. My human was really excited: “Texas, do you realize you are in Nashville?” So?… Did we really have to move?

On top of it all, my human is taking pictures of us along the way. Seriously!

So, how is it going? I really hate the part when we are on the road. The first day, I made it known all day very loudly. The second day, the humans positioned my carrier differently and I was able to see the road. I like to do that, and then meditate, or sleep.

At the beginning, Kitshka didn’t know exactly what was coming and she had a very innocent attitude in regards to the whole adventure.

But today she had had enough and showed she had a voice, too.

Milou is not too pleased either.

But the good part is that we are exploring new rooms in the evening. The first night was a big room. But tonight is a smaller one.

Also, we get to test beds. The first night, the size of the bed was okay.

But tonight, the bed is a little small for three cats, especially since the humans insist on sharing the bed with us!

So, that’s how our life is these days. I hope you are all doing fine. Until we are settled and I can visit you again, I send you this lucky cat that my human saw at the local Asian restaurant they had dinner at tonight.

Have a great week!

We’re Moving Where?

We’re Moving Where?

First of all, I want to thank all of you for your nice comments on the first anniversary of Grouik crossing the Rainbow Bridge. It means a lot to us.

I am also sorry that I can’t visit you as much as I would want to these days. We really try with my human but you are about to understand why I was hardly able to visit your bloggie lately.

So, you might have noticed that some strange things were going on at our place. First there was this:

Texas a Cat in New York, Texas, New York, Texas cat, Cowboy hat, I love New York

Then there were the boxes and our cat tree trapped in a box. Kitshka and I really wanted to know what was going on! This was more than strange, but my human would not tell me.

Texas a Cat in New York; cats; Texas; Kitshka; boxes; moving

Then I found this on one of my human’s Pinterest boards. I thought it was for me, but she told me it wasn’t! I was shocked!!

That was enough! I needed to have a serious discussion with my human!

Me: Human! What the rat is going on? Are we going somewhere? Are we moving to the place called Manhattan?

Human: Well, yes, we are moving, but to Texas.

Me: To Texas’?! But you already live at my place!!

Human: . . .

Human: We’re moving to Austin, Texas.

Me: What? Do Austin and his human know??

Human: Texas, the five of us are moving to the state of Texas, in its capital, Austin.

Me: We’re moving where?

Texas a Cat in New York; cats; Texas; boxes; moving

Me: I mean… they named a state after me?

Human: . . .

Human: Yes Texas, that’s the reason why we are moving there…

Texas: Oh wow. Okay!

Eh but wait a minute…

Texas a Cat in New York; cats; Texas; boxes; moving

I’m the Parisian cat in New York! I’m gonna have to change the name of my blog!

Texas a Cat in New York; cats; Texas; boxes; moving

And will my furriends keep on following me?

Texas a Cat in New York; cats; Texas; boxes; moving

Why do humans have to make everything so complicated?

Texas a Cat in New York; cats; Texas; boxes; moving

We’re moving to Austin, Texas, my furriends.

The Week To Come: Celebrations, Celebrations, Celebrations!

Hiya Everyone!

Sorry we have been posting and visiting sporadically lately. I was hoping to catch up today but my human spent hours on the computer and then… she went for a walk in the forest!!!

Here is what she got when she came back:

Texas a Cat in New York, cat tree, talk to the paw

Talk to the paw.

Now for the fun part. Next week, there will be a lot of celebrations! Which means nip and treats!

Monday, June 24
This is Sparkle’s birthday! Yeah! And this is also Cat World Domination Day!

This is also the day I have chosen my human, 7 years ago! I have to admit, after 7 years, I still have to train her everyday. Well, we’ll see if she comes up with something I can be proud of tomorrow…

Wednesday, June 26
This is Kitshka’s birthday. She will be one year. Can you remember this pic of her? It was months ago!

She’s grown up now but she is as pretty as ever!

Thursday, June 27
This is my human’s birthday. Not that we should care… except that she usually gives us extra treats because it’s her birthday. In the end, 7 years of training have yielded some good results too ;-)

Have you got something special to celebrate this week? Let us know so we can celebrate with you!

Welcome to My New Home of the Internet!

Welcome to My New Home of the Internet!

Hiya everyone!

I hope you are all doing fine. Milou seems to be doing a bit better =^.^=

As I said on Sunday, I have a big piece of news to announce and this is that I now have my own domain! My assistant human was so frustrated by the limits the blog had, that she bought me a domain and a hosting place! Yeah!

Kitshka and I are super happy for our new place! Milou would like to know if that means more food is coming…

Now, don’t get us wrong: is a wonderful free tool and it served us well the past (almost) two years and we are thankful for it!
Time had come to get serious though.

So, what do you need to do?

If you have bookmarked my blog, or entered its URL (address) in a reader, you have to change this URL (address): The new address is

To keep on receiving my notifications by email, you need to subscribe again (sorry): enter your email address in the little box, on the top of the sidebar on your right. UPDATE: The furry nice people at WordPress have just notified me that they had successfully moved all my followers to my new blog. SO, if you were already following me, you should not have to subscribe again. You should receive my Wordless Wednesday post tomorrow without doing anything. Please do let me know if you don’t. A BIG thank you to WordPress!

The blog you used to know will stay for now, but it won’t be updated anymore. Pics of me and Kitshka and Milou will be here!

As you can see, the design of the blog is pretty much the same. For now. Changes are to come, but since this is a kitty blog, you know, we thought they should come gradually ;-)

I hope you’ll enjoy the new experience. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you encounter any technical problems!

I am going to take a nap and then visit your bloggies, while my human is working on my new blog!

Purrs y’all! And make yourself at home!

Family Chillaxing Time

Family Chillaxing Time

The weekend is over but I think the humans are happy the entire week is over and hope they (and we) can have a less eventful stressful new week. Milou is not completely back to normal but we sure hope he will get better.

Thank you so much again for all your powerful purrs. Here’s a rare family picture of us three to thank you!

Notice the natural born leader in this house is on top ;-) Life is good.

So, with everything that happened, my editorial schedule was all messed up. Here is what is going to take place the coming week: on Tuesday, I will have super great news about my blog; on Thursday, my human and I are going to review the same great book we were supposed to review last Thursday; on next Caturday, we will have another book review (and a giveaway) related to kitties (of course) and poetry and drawings!

Wishing you all a good week to come!

Milou Update – The Power of the Purr

Thanks to Ann of Zoolatry

Thanks to Ann of Zoolatry for the graphic

Hiya furriends,

So we have partial good news!

The vet has made the humans wait all day to get back to them because he was doing a surgery (but not to Milou!).

Milou has been doing better. He is eating (now, that’s our Milou!). But the vet wanted to keep him another night. If he’s doing as well until tomorrow, the humans will be able to bring him home!

Of course, the inflammation problem will have to be dealt with later, but right now, this is good news!

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone for their purrs, prayers, thoughts and get-well wishes! I knew that Milou would be able to feel all your love!

Thank you!!

Mondays Are for Memories: Early Bookcat

Mondays Are for Memories: Early Bookcat

In French, the word “bookworm” can be translated into the expression “rat de bibliothèque” (library rat). Well, I’m certainly not a rat (!) or a worm (!!) but I’ve always loved books! I guess that makes me a bookcat!

These pics were taken when I was about 9 months old, at my human’s Mom’s home. I was on top the book case. You can click on any picture of the gallery below to biggify and get to the diaporama but first I want to show you something.

Can you see the wallpaper peeling a little near the ceiling? It was me! I wanted to be a home decorator at the time! And can you see my tail? That’s because my human thought I wouldn’t be a good home decorator! The nerve!
You will be able to see that on several pics I am watching my piece of art very proudly!

Speaking of books, my human and I will review a wonderful book on Thursday.

I also learned from Cat Wisdom 101 that April is National Poetry Month. It will finally (I say finally because this has been a project since last December!) be the occasion for a book giveaway linked to poems, drawings and… kitties of course! And this will be on Caturday!

So I wish everyone a great week and hope to see you all on these two days especially!

Living the Americat Dream

Living the Americat Dream

The Human: Texas, it’s the American dream.

Texas: Yes, that’s what I said, the Americat dream. Move over, human! This is my fame here!

Hiya everyone! Today is not Thankful Thursday but it can certainly be – expect a French accent here – Sankful Saturday (Because the French sometimes say “sank you” instead of “thank you”. . . ok whatever!).

So, it’s Thankful Saturday.

Remember back in January when I asked you if you would kindly vote for me in Westchester Magazine’s 2013 Pet of the Year Contest?

You kindly answered and voted for me and I could announce in February that I was among the ten cutest pets (out of 144) of the year in Westchester Magazine.

THANK YOU to all of you who voted for me!
Thank you!

The results of the 2013 Pet Contest is in Westchester Magazine’s April issue.
I am famous.

This is me on the right (don't pay attention to the doggie on the left)

This is me on the right (don’t pay attention to the doggie on the left)

Texas is my brother!

Texas is my brother!

The Human: Well, Texas you are famous in Westchester County, NY.

Texas: human, drop the capital H please. I am a star and you are jealous, that’s it.

The human: No Texas, I am really happy for you!

Texas: Here is the page on Westchester Magazine’s website. Wesley has been chosen as the top pet. My page is here (you can like it if you wish ;-).

Here’s what the humans at the magazine have to say about me:

The Bilingual Blogger
Have you read his blog? Yes, this cat is an ambitious one. When he’s not typing away, you can find Texas snuggled up in the recycling bin, listening to classical music or playing with his sister.

The human: The recycle bin? I wrote “a bag full of other plastic bags we keep for recycling.” That’s not the recycle bin!

Texas: True but… yeah, whatever.

And at the bottom of my page, you can also click to see a video of me (that I have posted below).

The human: oh no, Texas! I’m talking in the video, I hate my accent, you know that!

Texas: I’m famous!