Issue With Comments

Update 2: My dear Furriends, I visited a number of you tonight and left comments for everyone, but not all went through. If you see I have liked your post but see no comment awaiting your approval (maybe since my human is posting my comments from this place far far away, it needs to be re-approved once), can I ask you to check your spam to tell me if my messages are going there?
I might not be able to get back to you tomorrow, but I will by the weekend! Thanks! Purrs to all!

Update: my comments aren’t showing on most WordPress blogs I am visiting :-(

Hiya Everyone!

Is anyone having issues with commenting on WordPress? I cannot comment on some blogs apparently. On some I can, but not on others, and I do not get the message that it is awaiting approval. I can like blog posts on which I cannot comment though.

I cannot post a comment on my furriend Savannah’s bloggie, for example! (tried at least 3 times)

I think it’s a conspiracy. (and not a conspiration… that’s French).