A Comeback On My Second Blog Anniversary

Thank Ceiling Cat for WordPress notifications: otherwise my human would have completely forgotten that today is my second Blog Anniversary. Yep, it’s been two years since I first blogged.

Kitshka, as always, is ready to celebrate. Even though my human missed her Gotcha Day (which is unusual for my human… service isn’t what it used to be).

Texas a Cat in... Austin; Texas; Kitshka; cats;

Kitshka: Let’s Pawty!

I have met many furriends during those two years and I am so glad for that. We are still late visiting all these very furriends though :-/ We’re coming!

Yesterday, we saw 5 of these in our front yard:

Texas a Cat in... Austin; deers; Deer TV; Bird TV;

We were very interested, but my stupid human would not let us out!

Texas a Cat in... Austin; Texas; deers; Deer TV; Bird TV;

Let me out! Let me out or I’ll meow all night!

Texas a Cat in... Austin; Milou; Kitshka; deers; Deer TV; Bird TV;

Kitshka: Are these deers?
Milou: I think so.

Texas a Cat in... Austin; Kitshka; deers; Deer TV; Bird TV;

Hello little Gecko family!

The other day, the humans received friends of theirs. An entire family! Three of them! But that was okay because they were very nice and they love cats and petted us. Also they said they were visiting the château de Texas (Texas’ Castle). Those can’t be bad humans.

They went to Austin with our humans and my human brought me this picture of this car.

Texas a Cat in... Austin; Texas; Austin; car; tuna;

Texas a Cat in... Austin; Texas; Austin; car; tuna;

Is that my car?! Is that my second blog anniversary present? I asked. Dream on, she answered. How rude.

Here’s what I think about this, human:

Texas a Cat in... Austin; Texas; cats

I hope you are all doing fine. I know some furriends have gone to the Bridge :,-(
I’ll be visiting each of you very soon.

This is my first blog anniversary!

Hiya my furriends, furry and human furriends alike!

I cannot believe it’s been a year since I first started blogging here! WoW!

I want to thank all of you who have visited my blog, liked posts and/or commented. It’s been quite a year and I am so glad I found so many furriends along the way.

I don’t want to single out just a couple of you but… I remember that among my very earliest followers (apart from family – Hiya Janina!) were the beautiful Sparkle, the adorable Catpurrology, Sweet Savannah and my good furriend Sammy! I’m not sure how I found you all or how you found me but I’m glad to know you! Then most of my furriends readers followed. I love you all so much!

To all my readers I send purrs today to thank you for coming and visiting my blog.

There are a couple of my earliest readers who didn’t have blogs that I do not see anymore. I hope you are doing fine too.

So, to celebrate, I was so so glad to discover that my human had bought me two gifts: a new toy, filled with catnip (a great toy – they claim it has the best catnip of the universe but unless they buy it from my furriends at the Katnip Lounge, it cannot be the best of the universe, sorry) and new Greenies treats (the SmartBites ones!) and they are yummy!
You think I should get my human something (because of the typing you know)? Well, since I’m doing all the cleaning on the little brat sister, I might be able to get her a fur ball for tonight =^.^=

Below are some pics and a video (thanks to my human’s husband!) of me enjoying my new toy and my first blog anniversary! Please come join me and have fun!

If you have a minute, I’d love to hear in the comments about a particular post you may have enjoyed and remembered!

THANK YOU ALL! I hope I’m starting another great year and I hope to spend it with y’all =^.^=