Outrageous News About My Human Update: She’s Gone Again!

Outrageous News About My Human Update: She’s Gone Again!

She’s off to DC again. She abandoned us!

Well, okay, we’re with the male human and his lap is more comfortable than my human’s lap, but this is still not right!

She said it’s just for a few months… what does that mean? Now we’re back to Skype again. Hmpft.

Texas on Skype | Texas, a cat in Austin

The male human seems not to like DC furry much. Well me neither! I don’t like whatever is taking my human from me. I’m hissing at DC! Wait what? There’s now a cat cafe in DC?!?!! Is that why she left? (No, says the human)

And my human is getting a back of disrespect. Because today is also my Gotcha Day! Pfft.

Texas showing the "back of disrespect" on a bike | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Also, your apartment bike is now mine, human.

Mondays are for memories: My bike

Mondays are for memories: My bike

First things first: Milou would like to thank all of you for all your best wishes and nice comments. I think he enjoyed having his special day and spent most of it napping =^.^=

Now for the memories. My human used to have an exercise bike in her apartment in Paris. I absolutely loved it. In fact I made it mine. Besides, my human rarely used it (Yes it’s true, human!)! I loved loved it!

Unfortunately, before we all moved to the U.S., my human sold it to some strangers claiming that we could not bring everything to America. So I had to say adieu to my bike.

Here is one of the good moments I had on it! In case you are wondering, this is not my human on the video (my human was filming), this is my human’s Mom.

Hope you enjoy the video!

If you cannot see the video on this blog, go here.