Mondays Are For Memories: My First Cat Tree

Mondays Are For Memories: My First Cat Tree

Do you remember your first cat tree? I do!

It was all small (I mean for an adult cat, which I wasn’t at the time) and I loved it! It had a little cave, scratch posts and a huge circle I could use to travel around the tree.

Let me show you.

When I was teeny tiny, I could play inside the circle on top and try to catch the pompom! And yes, those were my toys at the time!

Did you have a tiny tree once?

Belated Thanks on Caturday and an Update on our Cat Tree

Despite the craziness that is our house these days, we want to take a moment to thank you all for coming to my Gotcha Day Pawty and to Kitshka’s Birthday Pawty.

I know! This was almost a month ago! But I just wanted to stress that we really appreciated, despite the silence!

My human (who is obviously at least partly responsible for the craziness), would also like to thank all of our readers who wished her a happy birthday (again almost a month ago) via my blog (she thanked those who posted wishes on her blog already – hmpf).

My furriend Easy had sent this pawsome card for her:

And I had ordered a gift for my human’s birthday. A gift I found at Mollie and Alfie‘s shop, here. Lovely cat earrings I paid for with my human’s paypal account kibbles for Alfie.

Well, my furriends added a lovely bracelet with it! I was very happy (because Kitshka played with and broke my gift to my human, a hairball bracelet!) and so was my human! She was very moved! She loves both the earrings and the bracelet!

Look at these!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH from the both of us!

Mollie and Alfie sell cat and doggie stuff (if you care for doggies!). Check their online shop when you have some time!

In other news, you might have seen that the humans have disassembled our cat tree and put it in a box yesterday? Well, Kitshka has a plan (again!). She has seized the male human’s tools and plans to re-assemble our tree during the night!

Does anyone by any chance has the assembly notice though?

Kitshka Friday: They Took Our Tree Down!

Kitshka Friday: They Took Our Tree Down!

Kitshka: What's that noise, Texas? Texas: I don't know. The humans are playing with our tree.

Kitshka: What’s that noise, Texas?
Texas: I don’t know. The humans are playing with our tree.

Texas: OMC! They're not playing! They're taking it down! Don't look at this! Kitshka: Oh!

Texas: OMC! They’re not playing! They’re taking it down! Don’t look at this!
Kitshka: Oh!

Don't look, Kitshka, it's too horrible!

Don’t look, Kitshka, it’s too horrible!

Texas: A little more patience. It's really too horrible to watch! Kitshka: Oh no!

Texas: A little more patience. It’s really too horrible to watch!
Kitshka: Oh no!

Texas: It's over. Our tree is in a big box. Kitshka: Why?

Texas: It’s over. Our tree is in a big box.
Kitshka: But why?

The Week To Come: Celebrations, Celebrations, Celebrations!

Hiya Everyone!

Sorry we have been posting and visiting sporadically lately. I was hoping to catch up today but my human spent hours on the computer and then… she went for a walk in the forest!!!

Here is what she got when she came back:

Texas a Cat in New York, cat tree, talk to the paw

Talk to the paw.

Now for the fun part. Next week, there will be a lot of celebrations! Which means nip and treats!

Monday, June 24
This is Sparkle’s birthday! Yeah! And this is also Cat World Domination Day!

This is also the day I have chosen my human, 7 years ago! I have to admit, after 7 years, I still have to train her everyday. Well, we’ll see if she comes up with something I can be proud of tomorrow…

Wednesday, June 26
This is Kitshka’s birthday. She will be one year. Can you remember this pic of her? It was months ago!

She’s grown up now but she is as pretty as ever!

Thursday, June 27
This is my human’s birthday. Not that we should care… except that she usually gives us extra treats because it’s her birthday. In the end, 7 years of training have yielded some good results too ;-)

Have you got something special to celebrate this week? Let us know so we can celebrate with you!

Family Chillaxing Time

Family Chillaxing Time

The weekend is over but I think the humans are happy the entire week is over and hope they (and we) can have a less eventful stressful new week. Milou is not completely back to normal but we sure hope he will get better.

Thank you so much again for all your powerful purrs. Here’s a rare family picture of us three to thank you!

Notice the natural born leader in this house is on top ;-) Life is good.

So, with everything that happened, my editorial schedule was all messed up. Here is what is going to take place the coming week: on Tuesday, I will have super great news about my blog; on Thursday, my human and I are going to review the same great book we were supposed to review last Thursday; on next Caturday, we will have another book review (and a giveaway) related to kitties (of course) and poetry and drawings!

Wishing you all a good week to come!