Changes from Us

Changes from Us

Hiya! It’s me again!

Can you believe it? Two days in a row!!

Well, okay, this is mostly an admin post to let y’all know that some changes are to be expected from my bloggie in the weeks to come.

I had a serious talk with my human. Like this.

Texas | Texas, a Cat in... Austin

She did do most of the talking, but she agreed to try to spend more time helping me with my bloggie.

First, we are moving my blog subscriptions from email to Bloglovin. Apparently she prefers this method now. Whatever brings results I meow! So if you see my email address being unsubscribed from your mailing list, this is because we are moving the subscription to Bloglovin, not because I’m gonna stop reading your bloggie.

Second, my human told me she won’t be able to spend the time she used to spend with my bloggie because apparently she has other things to do. Like work. Other work. Sigh. Hiss.

Third, we might change the name of my bloggie for two reasons: one, some of my furriends now call me Austin. My name is Texas. Two, she feels like changing it because she thinks “Texas a cat in NY” was funnier than “in Austin” due to my name. Anyone has a clue what she’s talking about? Is it just human gibberish?

So there you go. Hopefully, this will help in the process of getting me back online!

Purrs to all!

Kitshka the Brave

[Furriends: my human is a little bit busy these days, so we might be slow to visit and comment, I am sorry about that. I will do my best though! But I cannot guarantee the human’s best! Thank you!]

Kitshka had to go to the vet last week, because she had her vaccination deadline coming and the vet didn’t want to do it at the same time as the rabbies booster when we went all together. It’s a little sadistic to make a kitty go to the vet twice in a month, if you ask me, but of course the humans didn’t object. Can you tell Little K wasn’t pleased?

Kitshka at the vet

Kitshka at the vet

Kitshka was as brave as a Ladycat can be though. She explored the place and waited patiently until the vet came. 30 minutes later. My human generally doesn’t like to take pictures at the vet but the humans had plenty of time to kill!

Kitshka at the vet

Kitshka at the vet

Kitshka at the vet

I gotta teach her to growl, really.

If you are wondering what’s in the closed jar, it is a heart with heartworm. I know! I don’t know why some humans would keep this either!

Happy Birthday, Milou!

Happy Birthday, Milou!

Happy Purrthday, Milou! We can’t believe you are 14!

Look! Sammy sent you this cool card:


Thank you Sammy!

And then the human of Zoey the Cool Cat posted this video in the comments for you:

Thank you!

And look what Archie, Oscar, and Henry created:


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Today is your special day! And even though you keep on hissing at me all the time (like, ALL the time), I am wishing you many more years of happiness and what you do best, farniente!

Here are some pictures of Milou taken when we were still in New York. He’s a real hard worker!

Farniente: Milou chillaxing

Farniente: Milou chillaxing

Farniente: Milou chillaxing

Farniente: Milou chillaxing

So we Milou had the fountain and the box that came with it as gifts. My human was looking for something else (let it be a nip toy! let it be a nip toy!), that she couldn’t find at the local pet store, so there might be some surprises for tonight. I will keep you posted. And if you were wondering, there is still no nip in the metallic cat‘s arms BUT there is cat grass growing on the deck =^.^=

Without further ado, let’s pawty like there is no vacuum cleaner!

We’ve got fresh salmon and tuna! We’ve got all sort of raw fish!


We’ve got chicken breast and KFC fried chicken (Sparkle, we know you like them).



We’ve got nip cigars and nip pillows and wait…

I am granting each and everyone of you access to the toilet paper! Woohoo!

toilet paper


Blog Changes, Videos, And Prime Boxes

Just a quick post today to let you know that you might see changes pop up on my bloggie in the weeks to come as we make changes in order for my blog to be more attractive and feline-friendly (okay also furry friend and human-friendly).

For example, I have asked my human to add a page in the menu dedicated to videos. You can find all my vids up there in the menu (tab “videos”), or by clicking here. We still have some of Grouik’s videos (which are not on my YouTube account) to add, but I wanted to let you all know about it.

I also want to thank you all for your compliments on me wearing a cowboy hat =^.^=
Since my human still doesn’t want to tell me why she photoshopped me with a cowboy hat, I decided to make mine a brand new prime box and by doing so, to make my feelings (about not knowing) known to my human. What do you think? Do you think she’ll understand?

[Click on the pics to biggify]

Texas a Cat in New York, cat in a box, cat, box

Texas a Cat in New York, cat in a box, cat, box

Quick Update on Milou

Thank you so very much to all of you who left get-well wishes and purrs and prayers for Milou.
Thank you also to Ann of Zoolatry for sharing the info with this beautiful graphic of hers.

We are very moved by all your purrs and thoughts and I am sure Milou can feel the love!

He is spending tonight at the vet again unfortunately. He is still not eating and is on IV. The infection also reached the kidney :-( So the vet will have to cure him of the infection before checking what’s wrong with the intestines.

Hopefully, we can get him home tomorrow. I will keep you posted. I might not post anything other than an update tomorrow.

Thanks again for your support.

VBP Thursday – This IS The Cat’s Meow

[Still not sure what VBP is? Check here.]

I admit it, and not reluctantly (VBP), I have been having fun finding idioms and expressions related to kitties both in English and in French. This is my third post (first here, second there) and I want to mention all the expressions you shared.

Yes, I think this bi-cultural (VBP) interest is the cat’s meow… or the cat’s pyjamas.

Unfortunately, there is no exact French translation for these expressions, at least none with the word cat. An appropriate translation, depending on the context, could be le fin du fin (the best of the best, or la crème de la crème – nom!).

Now, let me illustrate the cat’s meow according to Kitshka (we hope we get it right).

Would you say my tocks are the cat’s meow for Kitshka?

If you are interested in learning more about French expressions that are about cats, we would like to suggest this page done by our furriends at Autour des Chats. It is very well done!
We will also keep on featuring (VBP) French and English expressions here =^.^=

Below are the past week’s pawticipants. As always, click on the bluey badge at the bottom of this post to enter your link for this week. And don’t forget to grab the badge! Thanks to everyone!


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da tabbies @da tabbies o trout towne

da tabbies @da tabbies o trout towne

Savvy @Savannah's Paw Tracks

Savvy @Savannah’s Paw Tracks

Texas @Texas, a Cat in NY

Texas @Texas, a Cat in NY

We had a post from Ann, of Zoolatry but for some reason the link has disappeared?! I don’t understand what happened. Ann, if you want to resubmit your linkie, we will gladly add it!

Happy VBP week, furriends!

Au Revoir, Eric

My human and I were very saddened to learn that Eric, from Eric and Flynn – Two Devon Cats, has left for the Rainbow Bridge.

Design by Ann, of Zoolatry

Design by Ann, of Zoolatry

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”
― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

We know you are flying high and free now. You are a star among the stars.

Purrs and Hugs for Flynn and his humans.