Tocks Story, Cat Scouts, and the Halloween Ball

Tocks Story, Cat Scouts, and the Halloween Ball

I’m taking a break from my Mondays are for Memories series.

Those of you who are furriends with me on Facebook know that I have been extra nice this weekend in order to lift my human’s spirits: cuddles, staying next to her, coming when she calls (well, that’s not often that I would do that!), purring all day…

All of this generally works pretty well. One thing I found out works well too in this kind of situation, is making the humans laugh. Have you tried?

I tried to play monorail cat, for example…

Tocktober | Texas, a cat in... Austin

… but the couch was too big for my tocks!

Tocktober | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Tocktober | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Who said it was my tocks that were too big?!?

Tocktober | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Tocktober | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Anyway, I asked Kitshka to show her tocks to see if the problem was mine. Mademoiselle Fluff gave us a show!

Tocktober | Texas, a cat in... Austin

So I relied on playing with her to distract the human (please, forgive the mess around, strangely cleaning the house is not necessarily a cheering activity for humans…)

Tocktober | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Tocktober | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Tocktober | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Tocktober | Texas, a cat in... Austin

The human laughed. Mission accomplished.

In other news, I have officially asked Lisbeth of The Cat on My Head to come with me to the Halloween Ball. But I am waiting for her answer.

I have also convinced my human to register me for the Cat Scouts. I have never received my confirmation email thanks to which I can complete my registration though. So I guess I’ll have to get my human to send them an email.

Maybe my human should cuddle with me now, while I am waiting for these two impawtant email?

Happy Tocktober everyone!

Mondays Are For Memories: My Tent

When I was still living alone with my human near Paris, one day she brought back a super cool tent from the pet store.

My tent | Texas, a cat in... Austin

I played and played in it, outside of it…

…alone or with my mousie!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I loved it to bits.

My tent | Texas, a cat in... Austin

When we moved to America, I thought my human had thrown it away or it had been lost during the move.

My tent | Texas, a cat in... Austin

But no! And my human resurrected it recently, when we moved to the state named after me!

I just love it still!

My tent | Texas, a cat in... Austin

My tent | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Although I am not the only kitty in the house anymore…

My tent | Texas, a cat in... Austin

My tent | Texas, a cat in... Austin

[Note from the human: this tent was given as a gift by my pet store, although I had not even bought Iams food. It is not very solid – in fact, Texas and now Kitshka, destroyed it many times, but Texas loves it so much that I keep on fixing it as I can. And to think I would probably never have bought it because I would have thought it to be not of such good quality!]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside (Outside The Box, Inside The Box: Think About It! It’s A Box!)

Many of you already know that tomorrow is Milou’s purrthday.
Turns out that he already had his birthday gift. Well, let me tell you a (human) story.

When we moved from New York to Texas, the male human was sure that they would forget our water fountain if they didn’t pack it with everything else. But my (the female) human argued that we kitties’d rather keep our fountain until the end – right – and that they could not possibly miss the only thing that would be left in the house before they leave – wrong. My human messed up and realized when we arrived in our new house that the fountain had been left behind. So we went back to drinking in a bowl for a while.

Milou, who especially needs to drink but never does, seems to have found a new passion for drinking water here. Don’t worry, he’s not drinking more than normal, but he is drinking, period (in NY the humans had to add water to his food because he rarely ever drank from either the fountain, or the water bowl).

To keep a long story short – well kinda – Milou (and Kitshka and I) got a new water fountain for his purrthday. And now you expect to see a picture of the fountain.

Well no, for what is more important than the fountain? Exactly! The box it came in! Want to come and join us? We are having the biggest fun!

[Click on the pics to open the slideshow and biggify]

Could you guess that my human took pictures while lying on the floor? That was so easy to play with her too! Here are some photobombing pics!

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Kitshka Friday: Lynkie Feltie Woolie…

Remember when I had won this fabulous toy that is the cat-a-pole?
Well, the prize also included some great toys from Moderncat (now, as well as litter (World’s best cat litter) and a lickety stick (but we’ll have a post about those last two tomorrow or on Sunday).

We really wanted to post pictures because we love these toys, AND I think it is the least we can do to say thank you. But that was a period when the human was super busy (huh-oh, looks like more busy-ness is to come) and we never did.

So here are some pictures… and a video of Kitshka!

[You can click on any picture to get a bigger version in the slideshow.]

My preference went to the ModKicker, which smelled good catnip! Kitshka and I both like the Felt Rollers, but Kitshka is playing with them more than I do. She is also having fun with the Junk Food Flyer but her favorite one, actually really one of her favorite toys EVER (she takes it everywhere in the house), is the Lynks Felted Wool Toy! She loves it!

So, we want to say THANK YOU to Zee & Zoey and Moderncat for the fun!

[If you cannot see the video on this blog, check it here]

Little bunny is Milou’s now!

Little bunny is Milou’s now!

Hiya! This is Milou blogging today!

Texas told me if I wanted to blog I could. He says he is too ashamed to blog before his human help him visit his furriends. He says he’s on a strike. Whatever that means.
Kitshka? Well, Kitshka is siding with Texas, of course!

So I take my chance to blog!

You noticed that Kitshka wasn’t too interested in her post-op (VBP) bunny.
I thought the bunny might feel a little alone, so I thought I would console him. Okay, plus he had nip in his pants. What? That’s true!

Come closer, little bunny...

Come closer, little bunny…

Here's a snuggle for you!

Here’s a snuggle for you!

What do you mean by "ouch"?

What do you mean by “ouch”?

I think the bunny likes me. What do you think?

Ready… Set…

Not go.

Today, I wanted to present you one of the great toys we now play with daily. My post is ready: text (my human typed it), pictures, efurrything is ready! But…
Well, the humans have filmed Kitshka playing with it and the male human is in charge of editing the video. But the male human didn’t get the chance to edit it yet. Guess why. Yep, work.

So, to keep you waiting, here’s a teaser by Mademoiselle Kitshka:

Meanwhile, we wait more or less patiently, and have started reading your bloggies again!

Caturday with the brat Kitshka

Caturday with the brat Kitshka

I admit, I might not have realized, at the time, that I was just a kitten full of energy and that Grouik and Milou were old(er). And that maybe, they didn’t have as much energy as I had.

Well little Kitshka is fun to play with but she is like a herd of kitten’s worth of energy and she doesn’t understand the concept of stopping a game to take a nap.

So I had to teach her the virtues of a good nap after we had played.

And she got it.

Yesterday night though, at around 1:30 am, she decided she needed to do some exercise and she started running in circle on the humans in their bed. Bad idea Kitshka. The humans were not very pleased as they really needed sleep and ended up closing the door to their bedroom. Me? I was inside already with them! Nice night we had after that.

I’m not sure today is going to be a good day for naps because I heard the humans plan to clean the house. Which means the abominable aspirateur!

So, I’d rather go take a nap on the humans’ bed now. And then after the cleaning, when the fresh, clean sheets await me.

Happy Caturday! What are you gonna do today?