More firefighter heroes in Belgium

Here’s a little story my human saw in the Belgian news (why on earth does she still read the news from there I don’t know) that I thought I would share with you.

Called by the tenants of an apartment in Charleroi, the firefighters had to dig holes in the walls to save a cat that was stuck in the chimney. The intervention lasted 5 and a half hours . . . .
the cat had probably fallen from the roof inside the chimney. After trying to find the animal thanks to a thermal camera, the firefighter decided to make a bigger hole [than the one the tenants had already made] in the wall.

The intervention lasted 5 and a half hour, at the end of which the cat, that was entangled in a piece of scrap iron, was taken out of the chimney safe and sound.

Again, tons of purrs to the firefighters!

Furry friends heroes of the week: firefighters!

In Neuchâtel, Switzerland, firefighters saved a furriend that was stuck on a roof. Check it out:

Visibly . . . the cat got out of an apartment through a skylight window, and slipped on the roof, to end up in a gutter in which she was stuck.

Passers-by realized the cat was in distress when they heard her meow very loudly.

The firefighters, called by these same passers-by, arrived very rapidly.

And here is a picture.

More here.

Plenty of purrs to the firefighters!