Thankful Thursday & Happy Halloween!

I have been a little off the Internet lately because the humans had to deal with serious stuff of their own that took them a lot of time and energy. I won’t give you any detail because my human would probably suspend all my accounts everywhere if I did but things seem to settle fine and they seemed happy yesterday so I am hoping I can get more time now and my human can focus on the important things in her life, starting with me!

This is why I am thankful today: good news for the humans and me attention ;-)

I apologize for not visiting regularly if at all. I’ll try to make amends.

Now today is Halloween! Kitshka and I are going to Misaki and Mollie‘s Halloween Ball!

I am going with the charming Lisbeth of The Cat on My Head. Lisbeth chose the costumes and her human did the picture of us. Thank you so much to both of you!!


I have the prettiest partner! You are pawsomely beautiful, sweet Lisbeth! Lisbeth is dressed as Catherine the Great. She is Lisbeth the Great!!

Kitshka is going with Bailey of Bailey Boat Cat.


Kitshka is dressed as a pumpkin and Bailey as a black kitty. My human wishes she had a little more time to work on their costumes and she hopes Kitshka and Bailey still had fun!

Finally, to wish you all a spooky, furry Halloween, here is a Halloween decoration my human encountered:


Nothing kitty is scary, if you ask me, but it makes for a nice decoration!

Happy Halloween everyone!

I Am Officially a Cat Scout! And I Have a Partner for the Ball!

Dear Furriends!

I am glad to announce that I am now officially a Cat Scout! I have been declared Purrpared as I persisted in getting access to the Cat Scout site despite the fact that a goblin had probably deleted my confirmation email!

Today I am going to do some shopping with the human plastic card, to be even more purrpared! I think I will shop at Rei. They have lots of stuff that can come handy to a Tenderpaw. Look!


I am also very honored to go to the ball with Lisbeth of The Cat on My Head.
I would like to thank Speedy for suggesting Nylablue, and to Honey Delite of Pawsitively Pets for offering to come with me. I would have been honored to go with these two pawsome Ladycats too! I decided to accept the first official offer, which came from the beautiful Lisbeth!

Now I have to find out what to wear. I was thinking about being a gargoyle, like the ones in Notre Dame de Paris. What do you think? Do you think I’d make a scary gargoyle?


It’s another Caturday! Cat Mural in New York (Part 4), Monthly Kitty Links, and Halloween!

It’s another Caturday! Cat Mural in New York (Part 4), Monthly Kitty Links, and Halloween!

This is, for now, the last cat mural I will post. Next week I will show you other, real NYC kitties (I bet you will love the next series of posts!).

This mural is just across the street of the Whiskers Holistic Pet Care store I featured last week, and it is also a Chico mural.

This mural features humans and a kitty!

NYC Cat Mural | Texas, a cat in... Austin

NYC Cat Mural | Texas, a cat in... Austin

It’s been a long time since I have posted a Monthly Kitty Links post (last time was before we moved). So here is one with links going from June to September 20013!

A kitty defends her territory.

This kitty is working as a gatekeeper.

Don’t you want to pick up this kitten and give her a huge hug?

Out of ideas on how to nap? Check this.

Some Japanese Kitty Art.

A wild kitty… or is it a kitty in the wild?

If you haven’t “squeed” already today, go there now.

Band of brothers?

Say Hiya to Freddie Romeo!

Because it’s Caturday.

Life is better with a furriend!

Finally, you might have noticed that I have added a countdown to Halloween in the sidebar on the right. If you don’t know yet, Mollie & Misaki are hosting a Halloween ball! Would a beautiful ladycat be willing to come to the ball with me?

In the meantime, my human spotted this in Austin.

Halloween Decorations - Austin, TX | Texas, a cat in... Austin

This is not our vet. Apparently, the statues are always there, but they have been decorated for Halloween. Ain’t that cute?

Halloween Decorations - Austin, TX | Texas, a cat in... Austin

I hope you all have a great Caturday!

Late Halloween and trick or treating

Late Halloween and trick or treating

Humans say we are creatures of habits. But they are creatures of predictability!

They had prepared some treats for Halloween to give to kids. I don’t know whether that was because of Sandy (I heard the humans say 90% of our town had lost power! Talk about a Ceiling Cat-blessed home we have!) but no kid came. Not a single one. My human was kind of sad… not that she would have to eat the candy herself, but that possibly kids couldn’t have as much fun this year.

So a huge plastic pumpkin, 3 or 4 times the size of Milou’s heads, and full of human treats, was still waiting next to the door when my human suddenly, yesterday evening, just before going to sleep, had the most stupid idea ever. She emptied the plastic pumpkin and, guess what?

Yep. She put Greenies in the plastic pumpkin.

Of course Milou fell for it.

So did Kitshka (with Milou waiting in line for a second round).

Little not-so-old me couldn’t be bothered to enter my head in the pumpkin for a couple of Greenies so that my human could take a picture. I cannot be bought for a couple of Greenies! Now if she had put fresh salmon in there… No, no, no! I get my Greenies on my terms!

Furriends: I am back to reading your bloggies. No seriously. So I’ll see you in a short while!