Milou Monday: Milou is at the Vet for Perineal Hernias

No Mondays are for Memories today, as the humans brought Milou to a specialist vet today to try to find out whether he had a megacolon and what could be done about it.

Milou in a box | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Again, thank you so much to everyone for stopping by and leaving links, advice, purrs, and purrayers. My human has learned a lot more about megacolon now! I hope to be able to come visit you again soon, as things get a little less busy.

The diagnostic today was that Milou has perineal hernias that have to be repaired. Basically and to keep it simple and short (may veterinarians forgive us!), the muscles that help the feces get out through the rectum are not working properly now, so Milou needs a surgery to repair them. The vet surgeon will use some other muscles in the pelvic region to repair the perineal hernias.

The vet could not say whether or not Milou had a megacolon yet though. Right now, he will only get treated for the perineal hernias (which is already a lot if you ask me). The vet surgeon is hoping that this will solve Milou’s problems and that he doesn’t have megacolon.

So the humans left Milou at the new vet today. He will get “cleaned” of all the stool currently in his colon before he has the surgery, maybe tomorrow, but most probably Wednesday. Of course, we are thinking a lot about him and we will be purring for him! I will keep you updated as we learn more.

Here are a couple of pictures of Milou, Kitshka, and I goofing around a few days ago! We are eager to be able to play with (and chase) Milou again!

Texas & Milou | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Milou & Kitshka | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Wordy Wednesday: Thank You

I want to say thank you to all my furriends who stopped by to send good wishes to Milou, and posted advice and links to pages about megacolon.

My human is going to read all of this during the weekend so she’ll be well purrpared for Milou’s appointment on Monday.

I also wanted to show you that we are keeping a close(d) eye on Milou (even though he is still, after all these years, hissing at me):

Kitshka, Milou & Texas | Texas, a cat in... Austin

(Yes, my human is playing with Photoshop)

Thank you all! Purrs!

Kitshka Friday: Can You Tell We Had <strike>Too Much</strike> Some Turkey Yesterday?

Kitshka Friday: Can You Tell We Had Too Much Some Turkey Yesterday?

Thanks to everyone for your Thanksgiving wishes! We hope you had a good one too.

Did you get some turkey? We had just a little (no really) and it was enough to make us snooze ;-)

Kitshka & Texas, post Thanksgiving dinner | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Kitshka & Texas, post Thanksgiving dinner | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Kitshka & Texas, post Thanksgiving dinner | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Kitshka & Texas, post Thanksgiving dinner | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Kitshka & Texas, post Thanksgiving dinner | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Kitshka & Texas, post Thanksgiving dinner | Texas, a cat in... Austin

If you have the impression that the size of our pics is strange and not really the same for all pics, it’s not an impression. That’s because the female human cropped them so that you would not see too much of our excellent work of turning the black couch white. I think she has given up on the couch being black!

Happy Thanksgiving to All My Furriends!

Today is Thanksgiving, a day to be thankful for what we have. And what are Kitshka, Milou and I thankful for?

Our humans: we complain a lot about them because they are far from purrfect (they’re no cats!) but they give us noms, toys and a warm home (speaking of warm home, human, it is getting colder, can I have an electric heating blankie for Christmas?). They also pet us and although they can be a real bother when they take pictures of us, we know that that’s because they adore us like the deities we are. Thank you humans!

Our furriends: we are so happy and thankful to know all of you thanks to our blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, etc. I have furriends all around the world and they leave sweet and funny comments on my bloggie and are always here to send purrs when they are needed. Thank you my furriends!

– Which lead us to be thankful for the tools that enable us to communicate between furriends: WordPress, Blogger, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Thank you for the great humans that invented them, and made most of them (actually all of those I have named) free. I have no doubt that there were kitties behind these humans but thanks anyaway!

So Kitshka, Milou and I wish you all (kitties, woofies, all furry friends and their humans) a very Happy Thanksgiving!

We also wish our Jewish furriends a Happy Hanukkah! Did you know that this year the first day of Hanukkah and the day of Thanksgiving happen the same day, and that won’t happen again in 70,000 years?! It’s Thanksgivukkah!

Have a great day y’all! Eat well, nap well, and cuddle with your humans! Purrs!

Happy Thanksgiving 2013 | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Kitshka Friday: We Want the Sun Back!

Kitshka Friday: We Want the Sun Back!

Hiya everyone!

Before I tell you what beautiful me is doing, I want to remind you that we have a giveaway for 2 Shelter Cat Dolls from Dream Pillow. Here they are:

Dream Pillow

Follow the link to yesterday’s post (by clicking on the image above) to discover what you have to do.

This is not a giveaway for catnip sticks, kitties (it seems some of you misunderstood. Easy on nip, kitties!). It is a giveaway for these 2 shelter cat dolls.

So, what have you been up to lately?

Today is a crappy day where we live.

Milou is at the vet again for, er, constipation issues. Nothing serious but I bet he is a bit tired of going to the vet regularly because of this (and surprisingly, we don’t get any reward cards for free treats for going to the vet regularly like the humans have in their stores! I think that is not fair!).

It’s been raining, and there is a LOT of wind outside, and it’s in the 30s (that’s a temperature of around 4C for our European furriends), which means nothing to see on TV that is much interesting. So we’ve been busy doing nothing Texas and I.

Texas, busy doing nothing | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Kitshka, busy doing nothing | Texas, a cat in... Austin

I found an abandoned blankie that is quite comfy on the couch. I made it mine, since it had been abandoned. Now if only the human could stop taking pictures. That’s the problem with rainy days: not only is there nothing on Bird TV, but the humans can’t go out to take pictures so guess who is being photographed?

Kitshka, busy doing nothing | Texas, a cat in... Austin

What are your favorite activities when the weather is that bad and the humans can’t stop bothering you?

News on Monday with Kitshka

News on Monday with Kitshka

Kitshka hiding | Texas, a cat in Austin

You might have wondered what we’ve been up to?

Kitshka hiding | Texas, a cat in Austin

No, we were not hiding! But the female human, who is our typist, had less interesting other things to do and wanted a small break. That’s too bad that she planned her posts on her blog, but not ours Texas’ if you ask me.

But where is Texas, I hear you think? He’s here, only he is not meowing to his human right now. Because of the bloggie thingie. Plus he hasn’t visited the Cat Scout blog since he registered. Talk to the paw, he gestured when the female human offered to post something here finally!

Talk to the paw! | Texas, a cat in... Austin

So I volunteered.

The human promised to help us post and visit more, but I don’t know if we can trust her. What do you think?

Kitshka | Texas, a cat in Austin

Oh I almost forgot! On Thursday, we will have a furry nice review of a furry nice product that is also helping shelter kitties. And there will be a giveaway! I hope to see you then =^.^=

Thankful Thursday: The Cat Blogosphere Calendar and an Award!

Have you seen it? Have you seen it? What?

The Cat Blogosphere Calendar | Texas, a Cat in... Austin

The Cat Blogosphere Calendar for 2014!

The Cat Blogosphere Calendar | Texas, a Cat in... Austin

I know many of you have. But soon we won’t be able to order it! Well, it is not too late: orders close tomorrow.


Yes, you have until tomorrow to order it if you feel like it, of course! Click here!

I am in it. So are Kitshka and Milou… and so many of my furriends from the Cat Blogosphere! Imagine starting your days in 2014 with one of us kitties?

The Cat Blogosphere Calendar | Texas, a Cat in... Austin

Texas claims we’re in this calendar…

The Cat Blogosphere Calendar | Texas, a Cat in... Austin

…but I can’t find us!

Of course, you can always visit all of us online each and every day of 2014 =^.^=

I am so happy and honored to be among so many furriends! Thank you to Truffle & Brulee and their human Mom Paula for collecting our pictures, putting the calendar together, placing orders and sending them to us! We are very thankful for this nice calendar! I am not sure if someone else helped, if so, we’d like to thank this or these persons too!

It was recently Nerissa’s, of Nerissa’s Life, 2nd Blogoversary!

I must apologize to Nerissa: I was late wishing him a Happy Blogoversary because I have been mostly away from the ‘puter the past weeks. I am sorry Nissy.

On top of that, Nerissa nominated me for a super cool new award, the Mouses Award!

MOUSES! award

What do I have to do to accept this award?

Firstly, you need to thank the blogger who gave you the MOUSES! Award.

Thank you so furry much, Nerissa!

Secondly, you need to post the award somewhere on your blog.

It’s on the sidebar on the right!

Thirdly, when acceptin’ the award, you need to use the word MOUSES! in a sentence. For this requirement, you may also choose to use one of the many variations of MOUSES! if you so desire. You know… like… mousin’, mouses, moused-up, etc…

I am very grateful Nissy but, Mouses! I am not in New York anymore, I’m in Austin. I know I know, it’s mousesly complicated… so that’s okay. I think my human secretly wishes I still was a cat in New Mouses York ;-)


Finally, you need to pass the MOUSES! Award on to two or more bloggers. You can pass it along to as many as you like but please try for at least two so that the award is spread around the blogosphere and doesn’ fizzle out or anything. And you’ll wanna pass the award on to bloggers whose work you read regularly and would therefore, sure as mouses recommend. See what I did there? Yup, you spotted it. I used a derivation of MOUSES! in a sentence. Lead by example, I say. Lead my example…

Since I am a little late posting about it, I saw many of you received it. So, I nominate:

– Alfie at Mollie & Alfie
– Binky at angelswhisper2011
– The black panthers at the Creative Cat

That’s it for today! Thank you efurry one!