What Special Day Is It Today?

The special day of a special Furriend!

All of us at le château de Texas, as well as a lot of people in the Blogosphere, want to wish Pam, Sammy‘s Mom, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

May your day be full of love, happiness and human treats!

My Three Moggies‘ humans made a compilation of our wishes:

[If you cannot see the video on this blog, click here to see it on YouTube]

We all hope it brings a smile =^.^=

Kitshka wanted to add that she supervized my human during all the time she was making your card!


Please join us in wishing Pam a

Happy Birthday to Pam! | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Chicken, Shrimp, and Nip

Thank you all so very much for coming to Milou’s pawty on Monday! Milou was very touched to see you all at his purrthday. I hope you had a good time, for we sure did!

The humans came back home with some more gifts for Milou: a nip mousie, that was not super successful so far (of course, Milou prefers my magic carrot!), and a wand toy with birdie and peacock feathers (my human wasn’t able to get any picture for this one).

As mentioned before, Milou has a special diet and it is extremely rare that the humans would give him anything else for fear it would cause him health problems. But for his purrthday, he was treated with one of my Almo Nature wet food of chicken and shrimps that he devoured in less than 2 minutes… and he didn’t leave any crumb behind. Kitshka checked.

[Click to biggify]

And then Milou went back to his favorite activity:

In other news, have you heard that a cat cafe is opening in Paris, France? My human and I are very excited about it, as you can guess!

Happy Birthday, Milou!

Happy Birthday, Milou!

Happy Purrthday, Milou! We can’t believe you are 14!

Look! Sammy sent you this cool card:


Thank you Sammy!

And then the human of Zoey the Cool Cat posted this video in the comments for you:

Thank you!

And look what Archie, Oscar, and Henry created:


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Today is your special day! And even though you keep on hissing at me all the time (like, ALL the time), I am wishing you many more years of happiness and what you do best, farniente!

Here are some pictures of Milou taken when we were still in New York. He’s a real hard worker!

Farniente: Milou chillaxing

Farniente: Milou chillaxing

Farniente: Milou chillaxing

Farniente: Milou chillaxing

So we Milou had the fountain and the box that came with it as gifts. My human was looking for something else (let it be a nip toy! let it be a nip toy!), that she couldn’t find at the local pet store, so there might be some surprises for tonight. I will keep you posted. And if you were wondering, there is still no nip in the metallic cat‘s arms BUT there is cat grass growing on the deck =^.^=

Without further ado, let’s pawty like there is no vacuum cleaner!

We’ve got fresh salmon and tuna! We’ve got all sort of raw fish!


We’ve got chicken breast and KFC fried chicken (Sparkle, we know you like them).



We’ve got nip cigars and nip pillows and wait…

I am granting each and everyone of you access to the toilet paper! Woohoo!

toilet paper


Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside (Outside The Box, Inside The Box: Think About It! It’s A Box!)

Many of you already know that tomorrow is Milou’s purrthday.
Turns out that he already had his birthday gift. Well, let me tell you a (human) story.

When we moved from New York to Texas, the male human was sure that they would forget our water fountain if they didn’t pack it with everything else. But my (the female) human argued that we kitties’d rather keep our fountain until the end – right – and that they could not possibly miss the only thing that would be left in the house before they leave – wrong. My human messed up and realized when we arrived in our new house that the fountain had been left behind. So we went back to drinking in a bowl for a while.

Milou, who especially needs to drink but never does, seems to have found a new passion for drinking water here. Don’t worry, he’s not drinking more than normal, but he is drinking, period (in NY the humans had to add water to his food because he rarely ever drank from either the fountain, or the water bowl).

To keep a long story short – well kinda – Milou (and Kitshka and I) got a new water fountain for his purrthday. And now you expect to see a picture of the fountain.

Well no, for what is more important than the fountain? Exactly! The box it came in! Want to come and join us? We are having the biggest fun!

[Click on the pics to open the slideshow and biggify]

Could you guess that my human took pictures while lying on the floor? That was so easy to play with her too! Here are some photobombing pics!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Milou’s New Friend

Milou’s New Friend

Milou has a new friend in the purrson of a metallic cat that is supposed to be either a bottle or a flower pot holder.

My human bought it because she planned to grow catnip and put the pot of catnip in the cat’s arms. I’m still waiting for the catnip! But at least the metallic cat seems to have found a purpose: I’d swear I saw Milou talk to it. I wonder what they’re talking about.

Psssssst! Remember last year I decreed September 16 Milou’s Day since we didn’t know exactly when he was born. Can I count on you to wish Milou a Happy Milou’s Day on Monday? We’ll have a pawty, but don’t tell him! Hope the metallic cat hasn’t told him anything either!

Milou: Up, Close, And Personal

Do you remember this Wordless Wednesday post?

Some of you commented that Milou seemed not to like the head massages he was having. I wanted to reassure you all: this is how Milou shows his appreciation! Still not convinced?

Here are the rest of the pictures taken that night. Milou was in my human’s face on my human’s stomach on the humans’ bed (the nerve!), begging playing nice to get head massages. My human used her iPhone to take the pictures.

Life Goes On With A Song

Life Goes On With A Song

If you are furriends with me on Facebook, you might have seen that our humans took us to the vet for our rabies booster yesterday.

At first we were a little worried we were going on a road trip again. And vet or else, we made our complaint heard in the car. The three of us sang the “The Warrior Songs of our brotherhood & sisterhood in three-part harmony”, as Spitty purrfectly put it.

Want to hear it? No problem! Turn the volume up and wait until the end (it’s less than one minute long) to hear the three of us together.

Can you tell who’s who?

The high-pitched one is of course Little Kitshka, the lower one is Milou. I’m in the middle!

Feel free to use it as an inspiration next time your humans take you to the vet!

My human, who prides herself of having recorded our performance, has not recorded my solo performance in front of the vet! Rock-Hiss-N-Growl is its name! I wish I could have shared it with you too!

Other than that, we are all doing fine. I am, er, a healthy – cough – 14 lbs. Milou has gained back some weight too, and is now a little more than 8 lbs (back from around 6 lbs). The surprise is that beautiful Kitshka is already 9 lbs! The vet and the humans seem to think it’s a lot for a one year old kitty. But Little (hem!) K is fit and doing a lot of exercise. Also, the humans aren’t exactly sure what her cat father was, only that he was a long-haired kitty (the cat mom is a shorthair). So it might be that her cat father was a massive kitty? What do you think?

That said, she’s always eager to push me out of my bowl to eat my food!

Well, my furriends, I gotta go now. My human and I have some planning to do for my blog.

Texas planning is blog posts

Wishing you all a great Sunday!

A Comeback On My Second Blog Anniversary

Thank Ceiling Cat for WordPress notifications: otherwise my human would have completely forgotten that today is my second Blog Anniversary. Yep, it’s been two years since I first blogged.

Kitshka, as always, is ready to celebrate. Even though my human missed her Gotcha Day (which is unusual for my human… service isn’t what it used to be).

Texas a Cat in... Austin; Texas; Kitshka; cats;

Kitshka: Let’s Pawty!

I have met many furriends during those two years and I am so glad for that. We are still late visiting all these very furriends though :-/ We’re coming!

Yesterday, we saw 5 of these in our front yard:

Texas a Cat in... Austin; deers; Deer TV; Bird TV;

We were very interested, but my stupid human would not let us out!

Texas a Cat in... Austin; Texas; deers; Deer TV; Bird TV;

Let me out! Let me out or I’ll meow all night!

Texas a Cat in... Austin; Milou; Kitshka; deers; Deer TV; Bird TV;

Kitshka: Are these deers?
Milou: I think so.

Texas a Cat in... Austin; Kitshka; deers; Deer TV; Bird TV;

Hello little Gecko family!

The other day, the humans received friends of theirs. An entire family! Three of them! But that was okay because they were very nice and they love cats and petted us. Also they said they were visiting the château de Texas (Texas’ Castle). Those can’t be bad humans.

They went to Austin with our humans and my human brought me this picture of this car.

Texas a Cat in... Austin; Texas; Austin; car; tuna;

Texas a Cat in... Austin; Texas; Austin; car; tuna;

Is that my car?! Is that my second blog anniversary present? I asked. Dream on, she answered. How rude.

Here’s what I think about this, human:

Texas a Cat in... Austin; Texas; cats

I hope you are all doing fine. I know some furriends have gone to the Bridge :,-(
I’ll be visiting each of you very soon.