Kitshka in the House

Hiya everyone!

Kitshka | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

I am very excited to be taking over Texas’ blog. I want to continue his legacy and study humans–what a task!–only probably the blog is going to be a little more girlie than it used to be. I am after all a pawsome ladycat and I want to share my secrets for pawsomeness with my furriends!

So what happened the past few months? A LOT! Enough to ruffle my fluffiness!

Kitshka | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

The female human and I still miss Texas furry much. It was very hard to learn to live without him. Then the humans had to let Milou go, and for a little while I was the only kitty in the house. Nobody to give me a bath! I tried to teach the humans by showing them a little on their bare skin – ew! – but they’re not as smart as we are and they didn’t get it that they had to do it to me too!

Then the humans adopted Whiskey (more in his introduction post soon). I am not sure whether the female human thought I’d think this was Texas or she thought Whiskey was close enough to Texas, but I am not stupid! After all, I am a cat! This was not Texas!

Nevertheless, Whiskey is rather nice (except when he is trying to play with my beautiful fluffy tail!) and a good companion.

Kitshka & Whiskey Holding Paws | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

Then, it becomes a bit hazy in my mind. That’s when Texas’ expertise as a humanologist would be helpful. I remember good vibes mixed with bad vibes for a while. The female human talked about a roller coaster. What is that? I know how to make a coaster roll, but a roller coaster? Anyway, Texas had taught me that humans kissed because they sometimes try to do that to us, and I got really good at avoiding the female human when she tried to do that to me! It’s ew! But between humans it’s the same as cat headbutts apparently. So good vibes.

What I do not like at all is when humans talk very loudly and it happened too… and I swear I saw them hiss! Something close!

Now we live in a new place, which I like very much. It’s smaller than the house where we used to live, and I feel more comfortable with that size.

Kitshka & Whiskey | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

We is me, Whiskey, and the female human. The male human is not here. I liked the male human. I liked to headbutt him on the chin when he had what the humans call a beard (really, can’t they call it hair?!). I like the female human too, and I’ve been sharing my pawsome energy with her a lot because she needs some purr therapy badly! She’s very nice with us and she gives us liquid treats. But it’s not the male human. I don’t understand why the male human is not here anymore though. The other day, the female human came back from behind the big door and she smelled like him. I rubbed my beautiful fur on her so I could keep some of the smell with me. Do you think the male human has become invisible or something? The female human is extra nice though… but she feels the need to try and grab me and hold me close between her arms. They call that a hug. Also I let her kiss me on the head sometimes because it feels like it makes her happier. Also she plays the cat-o-pole with me!

I don’t know how Texas was doing, because I don’t understand humans. And I don’t think Whiskey has a clue either!

Whiskey & Kitshka | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

What have you all been up to? I look forward to visiting all your bloggies and making new furriends!

P.S.: Can someone tell me how to get the female human to change the color of this blog to something more girlie like… pink?

We Got An Upgraded TV and TV program!

Hiya my Furriends,

We are here, in the state named after me, and we are getting settled. The humans are extremely slow to do anything though. It took them 2 – TWO! – days to reassemble the bed, and almost a week to reassemble our tree!!!

The worst part: the people installing our Internet connection won’t be here before next week! Hmpf. I had to beg my human to post this via her… iPhone. So visiting will still be like… non-existent. Sorry. We feel like falling asleep!

But I have to say we have received some advantages. We have a new scratch post/lounge.

And the bestest: we now have a large, flat screen TV to watch Bird TV… AND we now receive Deer TV too!!

(Yeah, I wasn’t too pleased that Milou was photobombing my purrfect picture on the first shot)

So we are good for now. I will post a retrospective of our trip and how we the humans handled it when we get the Internet. In the meantime, I hope you are having a great week! Until next week, the posts will be light and we might not be able to always comment or answer comments.

Oh and I changed my banner. It’s temporary. I’m not sure of the future name for my blog. This important matter deserves a nap!

Lots of purrs!

On the Road to Our New Home

Hello Kitties!

Just a quick update to let you know that we are on the road to our new home and are in Nashville tonight. My human was really excited: “Texas, do you realize you are in Nashville?” So?… Did we really have to move?

On top of it all, my human is taking pictures of us along the way. Seriously!

So, how is it going? I really hate the part when we are on the road. The first day, I made it known all day very loudly. The second day, the humans positioned my carrier differently and I was able to see the road. I like to do that, and then meditate, or sleep.

At the beginning, Kitshka didn’t know exactly what was coming and she had a very innocent attitude in regards to the whole adventure.

But today she had had enough and showed she had a voice, too.

Milou is not too pleased either.

But the good part is that we are exploring new rooms in the evening. The first night was a big room. But tonight is a smaller one.

Also, we get to test beds. The first night, the size of the bed was okay.

But tonight, the bed is a little small for three cats, especially since the humans insist on sharing the bed with us!

So, that’s how our life is these days. I hope you are all doing fine. Until we are settled and I can visit you again, I send you this lucky cat that my human saw at the local Asian restaurant they had dinner at tonight.

Have a great week!

We’re Moving Where?

We’re Moving Where?

First of all, I want to thank all of you for your nice comments on the first anniversary of Grouik crossing the Rainbow Bridge. It means a lot to us.

I am also sorry that I can’t visit you as much as I would want to these days. We really try with my human but you are about to understand why I was hardly able to visit your bloggie lately.

So, you might have noticed that some strange things were going on at our place. First there was this:

Texas a Cat in New York, Texas, New York, Texas cat, Cowboy hat, I love New York

Then there were the boxes and our cat tree trapped in a box. Kitshka and I really wanted to know what was going on! This was more than strange, but my human would not tell me.

Texas a Cat in New York; cats; Texas; Kitshka; boxes; moving

Then I found this on one of my human’s Pinterest boards. I thought it was for me, but she told me it wasn’t! I was shocked!!

That was enough! I needed to have a serious discussion with my human!

Me: Human! What the rat is going on? Are we going somewhere? Are we moving to the place called Manhattan?

Human: Well, yes, we are moving, but to Texas.

Me: To Texas’?! But you already live at my place!!

Human: . . .

Human: We’re moving to Austin, Texas.

Me: What? Do Austin and his human know??

Human: Texas, the five of us are moving to the state of Texas, in its capital, Austin.

Me: We’re moving where?

Texas a Cat in New York; cats; Texas; boxes; moving

Me: I mean… they named a state after me?

Human: . . .

Human: Yes Texas, that’s the reason why we are moving there…

Texas: Oh wow. Okay!

Eh but wait a minute…

Texas a Cat in New York; cats; Texas; boxes; moving

I’m the Parisian cat in New York! I’m gonna have to change the name of my blog!

Texas a Cat in New York; cats; Texas; boxes; moving

And will my furriends keep on following me?

Texas a Cat in New York; cats; Texas; boxes; moving

Why do humans have to make everything so complicated?

Texas a Cat in New York; cats; Texas; boxes; moving

We’re moving to Austin, Texas, my furriends.