Mondays Are for Memories: Snow Is Weird and Cold

Today’s memories are not very old: they date back to January 2012.
My human was certain to have pics of me in France experimenting snow for the very first time on a balcony, but she cannot find them right now.

***Short pause to look at her with airplane ears***

So here is my first encounter with NY snow. Of course, we get a LOT more snow here when it snows than in France. In any case or country, I think it’s cold and has little interest, really.

If you cannot see the video, please click here.

Kitshka Friday – Does snow make my fur look prettier?

It snowed all day here. Still does.
As we prepare for the blizzard and my human is uncooperative busy, we might only visit and comment sporadically. I am so sorry for that. But I made my human swear she would make up for it somehow by the end of the week =^.^=

Meanwhile, staying warm isn’t the only activity our little Kitshka has. She struck a pose for the human because she thinks all this snow in the background makes her prettier.
Sigh. Ladycats, really…

Stay warm and dry my furriends experiencing the blizzard!