A Comeback On My Second Blog Anniversary

Thank Ceiling Cat for WordPress notifications: otherwise my human would have completely forgotten that today is my second Blog Anniversary. Yep, it’s been two years since I first blogged.

Kitshka, as always, is ready to celebrate. Even though my human missed her Gotcha Day (which is unusual for my human… service isn’t what it used to be).

Texas a Cat in... Austin; Texas; Kitshka; cats;

Kitshka: Let’s Pawty!

I have met many furriends during those two years and I am so glad for that. We are still late visiting all these very furriends though :-/ We’re coming!

Yesterday, we saw 5 of these in our front yard:

Texas a Cat in... Austin; deers; Deer TV; Bird TV;

We were very interested, but my stupid human would not let us out!

Texas a Cat in... Austin; Texas; deers; Deer TV; Bird TV;

Let me out! Let me out or I’ll meow all night!

Texas a Cat in... Austin; Milou; Kitshka; deers; Deer TV; Bird TV;

Kitshka: Are these deers?
Milou: I think so.

Texas a Cat in... Austin; Kitshka; deers; Deer TV; Bird TV;

Hello little Gecko family!

The other day, the humans received friends of theirs. An entire family! Three of them! But that was okay because they were very nice and they love cats and petted us. Also they said they were visiting the château de Texas (Texas’ Castle). Those can’t be bad humans.

They went to Austin with our humans and my human brought me this picture of this car.

Texas a Cat in... Austin; Texas; Austin; car; tuna;

Texas a Cat in... Austin; Texas; Austin; car; tuna;

Is that my car?! Is that my second blog anniversary present? I asked. Dream on, she answered. How rude.

Here’s what I think about this, human:

Texas a Cat in... Austin; Texas; cats

I hope you are all doing fine. I know some furriends have gone to the Bridge :,-(
I’ll be visiting each of you very soon.

Who’s Seven Today? Little-Not-So-Old Me!

Who’s Seven Today? Little-Not-So-Old Me!

Hiya everyone!

First of all, the VBP post will be posted exceptionally (VBP) by Kitshka tomorrow.

Now to really impawtant things.

How are you doing today? I’m glad that you came because my human has been preparing some treats for my purrthday just for me and I want to share them with my furriends! That’s you!

First things first: look at the beautiful cards I received from my furriends!

My very good furriend, Sammy!

Thank you Sammy! I love your hat!

My sweetest furriend, Savannah!

It’s an honor to have such a beautiful Ladycat sending me a card!

My human’s mother – the best cat sitter EVER! – sent me this yummy cupcake on Facebook!

purrfect cupcake

Doesn’t it look yummy? I bet it’s tuna!

And I also received chicken from Vincent, one of my Facebook fans!

Oh! I almost forgot: my vet sent me a cool ecard too!

Thank you all so furry much! And thank you to all of you who left wishes on my Facebook profile!

Look what I got!

4 different bags of treats, catnip puffs, a catnip pepper and… a tunnel! I love my catnip pepper already!

The tunnel is amazing! It sounds like crinkly paper and there are lights!

I received my best favorite ever food from Europe, thanks to Janina!

And as a cake, my human wanted to make me a tuna cake BUT since I had received all this wonderful food from France, I had my favorite: Tuna & Shrimps!

There is some for everyone, so help yourself! There are treats too! Go ahead! You can taste them all!

Then we can go play in my new tunnel!

Finally, the human had this weird idea to bake something for your humans too. When she told me what she baked, I was shocked! SHOCKED!

Wanna know what it is?

This could be part of our VBP post… take notes Kitshka.

Okay I tell you…

Cat’s tongues! Yes, in French, des langues de chat!

Have no fear! Those are just biscuits that have the shape of our tongues. Ah! Humans really!

You can throw some to your humans, and let’s have fun!

I want to pawty!