The 2018 Pop Cats Convention in Austin, TX!

Hiya my Furriends! Kitshka here!

We haven’t been posting in cat years, but we have a good occasion to come say hi and come back on the blog scene.

2018 Pop Cats Convention - Austin, TX | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

Austin in Texas, where we all live now, is hosting the 2018 Pop Cats Convention and our human went today. She thought it was lots of fun and we all just wanted to give you a sneak peek to encourage you to check it out if you are in the Austin area. The convention will be here until tomorrow, end of the day

2018 Pop Cats Convention - Austin, TX | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

Several shelters, vets, and animal hospitals were there. Many kittens were looking for furever families too.

2018 Pop Cats Convention - Austin, TX | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

And of course, it was all about kitties and art!

2018 Pop Cats Convention - Austin, TX | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

The human discovered this magazine we have been trying to subscribe to for months – Pussweek. She bought the Ginger issue for Whiskey. But it’s a cat magazine! Hopefully she gets us a subscription.

For some reason, she didn’t get the paw reading, despite the fact that cats are definitely the best at reading the future.

2018 Pop Cats Convention - Austin, TX | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

2018 Pop Cats Convention - Austin, TX | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

She didn’t get us cat wine either…

2018 Pop Cats Convention - Austin, TX | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

…but she got us silver vine! We haven’t tried it yet. What do y’all think about silver vine?

2018 Pop Cats Convention - Austin, TX | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

She bought several presents for us, although I’m glad she didn’t get us a little Mexican hat…

2018 Pop Cats Convention - Austin, TX | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

…Whiskey got a bow tie! The human and I think he looks very elegant like that.

2018 Pop Cats Convention - Austin, TX | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

We’ll be featuring a few products soon. So I hope you will come back. It’s nice to be back!

Happy Meow Year 2018 From Kitshka, Whiskey, and the Human!

Dear Furriends,

Many things happened since I last wrote, but I’ll be quick as I intend to blog about some of this next year.

First, the human made a Christmas tree in honor of Texas, Milou, and Grouik on a famous Austin road where people decorate trees every Christmas!

Texas' Christmas Tree on Loop 360 - Austin, TX | Books, Cupcakes, and Cats Chasing Chipmunks

Then the human got a surgery… not sure what it is exactly but it didn’t look like something fun. Apparently it’s like going to the vet for humans or something. She came back the same day and smelt very weird and she was with one of her human friends. Whiskey immediately went to hide under the sink! And I was supposed to be the scaredy cat?!

Whiskey Hiding under the Sink | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

That was funny because it was late and our human’s friend looked for Whiskey even outside in case he had managed to escape. In the middle of the night she was calling “Whiskey!” outside! MOL! Then they heard the closet door. And I knew my human’s friend was a good human because she pushed everything on the side so that Whiskey would not be near anything dangerous but could still hide there. Isn’t that nice?

The human is doing better, and she spent the week between Christmas and the Meow Year with us, which was nice, but we can’t sleep with her right now.

Also her friend offered her a laser pointer that is super cool. Only Whiskey is kind of monopolizing the human to play, but I manage to chase it too. We haven’t caught it yet though.

(I don’t look too impressed in this video because I had to direct my human to film this so I could show you, but I can catch the dot if I want to. I just don’t want to right now because it would frustrate Whiskey.)

Oh, I almost forgot! We deaded a mouse!

Deaded Mouse | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

With that said, we look in the direction of 2018 with the hope that it will bring more wet food, more cream cheese, hours of chasing the laser pointer and the cat-a-pole, followed by hours of napping and plenty of petting from the human. And that we can go back to her room and sleep on her bed too. And we wish you the same for a very Happy Meow Year!

Whiskey and Kitshka Cuddling | Texas, A Parisian Cat in America

Kitshka in the House

Hiya everyone!

Kitshka | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

I am very excited to be taking over Texas’ blog. I want to continue his legacy and study humans–what a task!–only probably the blog is going to be a little more girlie than it used to be. I am after all a pawsome ladycat and I want to share my secrets for pawsomeness with my furriends!

So what happened the past few months? A LOT! Enough to ruffle my fluffiness!

Kitshka | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

The female human and I still miss Texas furry much. It was very hard to learn to live without him. Then the humans had to let Milou go, and for a little while I was the only kitty in the house. Nobody to give me a bath! I tried to teach the humans by showing them a little on their bare skin – ew! – but they’re not as smart as we are and they didn’t get it that they had to do it to me too!

Then the humans adopted Whiskey (more in his introduction post soon). I am not sure whether the female human thought I’d think this was Texas or she thought Whiskey was close enough to Texas, but I am not stupid! After all, I am a cat! This was not Texas!

Nevertheless, Whiskey is rather nice (except when he is trying to play with my beautiful fluffy tail!) and a good companion.

Kitshka & Whiskey Holding Paws | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

Then, it becomes a bit hazy in my mind. That’s when Texas’ expertise as a humanologist would be helpful. I remember good vibes mixed with bad vibes for a while. The female human talked about a roller coaster. What is that? I know how to make a coaster roll, but a roller coaster? Anyway, Texas had taught me that humans kissed because they sometimes try to do that to us, and I got really good at avoiding the female human when she tried to do that to me! It’s ew! But between humans it’s the same as cat headbutts apparently. So good vibes.

What I do not like at all is when humans talk very loudly and it happened too… and I swear I saw them hiss! Something close!

Now we live in a new place, which I like very much. It’s smaller than the house where we used to live, and I feel more comfortable with that size.

Kitshka & Whiskey | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

We is me, Whiskey, and the female human. The male human is not here. I liked the male human. I liked to headbutt him on the chin when he had what the humans call a beard (really, can’t they call it hair?!). I like the female human too, and I’ve been sharing my pawsome energy with her a lot because she needs some purr therapy badly! She’s very nice with us and she gives us liquid treats. But it’s not the male human. I don’t understand why the male human is not here anymore though. The other day, the female human came back from behind the big door and she smelled like him. I rubbed my beautiful fur on her so I could keep some of the smell with me. Do you think the male human has become invisible or something? The female human is extra nice though… but she feels the need to try and grab me and hold me close between her arms. They call that a hug. Also I let her kiss me on the head sometimes because it feels like it makes her happier. Also she plays the cat-o-pole with me!

I don’t know how Texas was doing, because I don’t understand humans. And I don’t think Whiskey has a clue either!

Whiskey & Kitshka | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

What have you all been up to? I look forward to visiting all your bloggies and making new furriends!

P.S.: Can someone tell me how to get the female human to change the color of this blog to something more girlie like… pink?

Updating The Blog And What’s To Come

Dear All,

It’s been a while since there has been any activity on this blog, a little less than a year. I missed all of this blog’s readers, as well as reading your blogs. But most of all, of course, I miss Texas, the kitty that started it all.

Texas | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

I meant to post a tribute, but after he left, it was like all hell broke loose. I often said he was my guardian angel, and suddenly, it was very clear that my guardian angel was gone. I am alright, and I will be alright. But I still miss my best furry friend so much.

Monday will mark one year since he has crossed the rainbow bridge. One year since we rushed to the ER with him on my lap, breathing his last breath. But I won’t get into this kind of details. Instead, on Monday I will post a tribute focusing on such a fantastic kitty he was. He was quite extra ordinary, actually.

I’m so glad that I did this blog, so he can now live forever on the Internet (for once, I’m quite happy that anything posted on the Internet is archived somewhere). It might also have encouraged me to take more pictures and videos than I would have normally. Oh I take pics all the time. But thanks to the blog I have even more of them.

I have wondered what to do with the blog. Of course I have other kitties. While Milou is gone, too, Kitshka is doing well, and I have adopted a new ginger cat (because ginger cats rock). But Texas was my Forever Cat and this was his blog. Yet I decided to resume blogging, and hand over the blog to Mademoiselle Kitshka. She is ready. She wants to carry on Texas’ mission of understanding humans. (Quite a program, she meows.)

Kitshka | Texas, A Parisian Cat in America

Whiskey, the new member of our family, will start by observing… up close.

Whiskey | Texas, A Parisian Cat in America

Thank you all so much for your support after Texas and Milou passed away. I did mean to answer each and everyone of you, but life decided it had to keep me busy in a less pleasant way. Those who follow my other blog might have seen that I tried to start blogging again earlier, but never as consistently as I would have wished. I’ll try again. Plus I have two kitties here that deserve their picture on the Internet. For now, the blog will keep Texas’ name… and might always do. We’ll see.

Please join us in this new adventure if you’d like. I also have plenty of pics of Texas that Kitshka and I will want to share.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and care for Texas.

Carine – Texas’ human.