12 thoughts on “My new bed is very successful…

  1. What???? Texas, what kind of socialists are your half-brothers? It’s scandalous, you are too kind, and too polite, push your half-brother and go and occupy your bed yourself!! Envy is a disease!! They have their own beds, they have not to take your gift received from Santa Paws.
    Lot of hugs!!

  2. It makes me sad :-( You have to defend your rights!!! Ask your human to help you! I wish a very good night in your new bed! Have nice dreams dear Texas!
    Love and hugs <3<3

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  4. I can’t believe it !! You are sleeping on the floor, and your half brother in your bed!! You know what ? sounds like envy to get what other have!! Very sad indeed ! But if you appreciate the gifts from your human you must evict the squatters from your bed !!!! A lot of hugs to you from me :-)

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