Catnipilicious… not.

Well, finally my human takes some time from her schedule (really, I couldn’t care less about other things she had to do) to take care of my blog.

But I don’t want to blame her too much because she thought about me this week and brought me stuff from a place she calls Manhattan (?!).

First, she came back with Maru’s book which we will read this weekend and I can talk about it later next week. Yippee!
She also bought something for herself that was wrapped in white, thick paper. My kind of paper! Of course she kept it for me!

But most of all, she brought, guess what? Catnip. Well, the plant. Well, what is supposed to be catnip. I could not recognize the plant as catnip though. Strange.

But I can only assume it was nip because someone was having a good time…

After just a few minutes, Grouik was so under the influence of nip that the humans feared he would try to fly and fall from the deck. That was embarrassing.

That was yesterday. Today, Milou and I decided to inspect the so-called catnip together.

Nope. Still didn’t smell like catnip to me.

On the other hand, guess who started to lick the plant…

Again, a bit embarrassing.

As for me, I guess I’m more of the dry-catnip type than fresh one. Oh well… I wish I had an olive instead.

43 thoughts on “Catnipilicious… not.

  1. My Motor Mommy says that her previous cats have acted this way around catnip plants. I’m just not a catnip kind of kitty – whether fresh or dried. Just give me a bite of grilled chicken, and I’m a happy girl!
    Cute pictures!
    Love, Sundae

  2. Life’s disappointments eh? Good to be careful of drugs in their live form. We had an old matriarch who loved her nip so much she would snuggle down in the middle of the plant with her head buried. One day an urban fox took advantage of her attention being elsewhere and crept up on her. Luckily her brother saw the danger and had a hissy fit giving us a chance to rush out and chase the fox away. She was always a little more careful after that :-)

  3. Great pictures! Bowie acted the same way the first two days. Nowadays he shows no interest in the catnip plant…

  4. Texas, I read that catnip is not only a treat for cats, but is used as tea or culinary add by humans! And it’s a very good way to keep the mosquitoes away! Lucky you! Hope you got an olive finally! Congratulations for the post and pictures! Hugs. :-)

  5. Looks like that catnip plant is getting PLENTY of attention! I’ve never been around a LIVE plant, but the dry stuff leaves me kind of “lukewarm”…..perhaps I can talk Mom into getting me my VERY OWN plant – even if she has to go to that place called Manhattan to get it. Is that far from Virginia??????? :D

    Kitty hugs, Sammy

  6. Sorry your mom did not bring some dried catnip for you…maybe she will dry some of the plant for you. There is only one of us that care anything about nip. Looks like the other two really enjoyed the nip plant. Love the pictures! hugs and nose kisses

  7. Our Mummy used to grow catnip in the back garden but the cats kept digging it up abd stealing bits. So she gave up and planted another curled leaf parsley plant for us!

    Glad you like your catnip plant.

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

  8. Ok, So Milou and Grouik get what nip is…seems you may not??? So let me let you in for my secret…I don’t get nip! I am waiting for Mom to find some slivervine..’cuz Texas, I just don’t get nip…it’s sort’a OK for a few minutes…but then it just wears out its welcome from me…am I weird or what????

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