Couch-a-thon registration entry – Hope it’s not too late

So while I was training hard for the Couch-a-thon, my human forgot to register me! See how hard at work I am:

I have been praticing a daily training since at least December! Check here, that’s the proof! We all have been practicing. But I have to say that Milou and I have been more serious about it than Grouik.

Actually, I work so hard, that the black couch has turned partly white (my human’s not particularly happy about it, but a cat gotta do what he gotta do!). See?

So I hope it is not too late to register. Below is my registration fee: fresh catnip. Click on it to see how fresh and beautiful it is!

Now if you don’t mind I have to go back to napping.

33 thoughts on “Couch-a-thon registration entry – Hope it’s not too late

  1. Oh Texas, they do let you down, those humans. If it is too late, don’t worry – it’s an annual event. Imagine the head start you’ll have next year if you keep this level of practice up ;-)

  2. That’s some serious “practice” you guys have been doing – I agree that even if it’s too late for this year’s couch-a-thon, you guys certainly will have a leg up (so to speak) on NEXT year’s competition.

    Kitty Hugs, Sam

  3. Dear Texas
    Wow! What form yous has! Me thinks yous is definitely a contender in the couch-a-thon!
    And me and my hairy slobbery sister Bob wants to thanks yous for your kind words. Bob is a little worried abouts the operation but she says she has not been able to sees out of it for awhile. She will be happy when the headaches is gone.

  4. Hiya Texas my man!! Not to late bro’…just get the peeps over their issues with the fur…make them register ya…and I will gladly be your coach…marathon napper here for last two days…hung out most of yesterday and all of today in my closet nap spot…have your peeps get in touch with my peeps…MOL

  5. Hi Texas, I am quite jealous of your couch-a-thon. I would love to join such a fun game, but we silly humans have this thing call “work”. Enjoy and I am rooting for you to win this and get lots of fresh catnip.

  6. I think your bean needs to get with the fashion-statement. The fur on the couch nicely complements the lighter-hued flowers on the pillow. Beans have no clue about the finer points, do they.

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