Helping the humans with the furniture

The humans bought another piece of furniture the other day. They call it a desk. The nice part is that I can jump on it!

I decided I would be nice to them the other day and help them by supervising the assembling of the desk.

The humans being, well, humans, I had to help too. It was tiring.

Needless to say that, after that, I needed a well-deserved nap. But at least the desk was assembled properly!

What would humans do without us?

33 thoughts on “Helping the humans with the furniture

  1. Excellent job with the supervision! I also have to supervise my human when projects are undertaken. What would they do without us holding down vital pieces of the project and making sure they properly used all tools? Nothing, I tell you, they would accomplish nothing! Superior job you have done Texas!

  2. Our Mummy cannot even assemble a flatpack with our help, following the instructions and speaking to a help support person. The one bookshelf she (eventually) built leans dramatically side ways and it not expected to last much longer than a year! ;)

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

  3. woo hoo…so good of you to supervise the construction…I betcha it came out way better with your help, huh?! So, does that earn ya the right to get back in the bed at night?…hmmmmm??? I can’t imagine sleeping anywhere but tucked right up against Mom so’s she can barely move or sleep…great for me though…what will your next construction project be???

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