Enjoying the sun outside

My furriends, I am so glad to say that the sun is back and I am enjoying myself outside!

I also played with my human, making myself clear that only I decided when she could get a picture of me, using Milou’s and Sparkle’s techniques. See? No picture please!

There’s also plenty of activities around.

What’s that?

What was that sound?!

Pfft, that’s only Grouik!

24 thoughts on “Enjoying the sun outside

  1. You go sweet Texas enjoy that sunshine and outside. Have you been taking advice from Chancy on the picture taking? lol He turns his face when he knows I want to get a good shot of him. These are fantastic pictures of you though no matter which direction you look…you are just handsome! Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Hi Texas! You do look like you’re enjoying a good stretch out there in the sunshine. I do the same thing when I can. These days it’s almost TOO HOT to spend a lot of time outside BUT early mornings and early evenings are swell. Keep an eye out for “yard pests” like Grouik (hahaha) – they’ll try and keep you from relaxing!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  3. well this answers my last comment..guess your new outside is way better than the one in gay Paree??? I so hope you are liking it in NY buddy. Mom says she does prefer NY to Paris…but what does she know…’course her all time fave is our good old San Francisco!!!

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