Today is a very important day

Today is a very important day. Today is Cat World Domination Day (and my human is not even here!).

But most important of all, it is my furriend Sparkle’s birthday! Do please, go wish a Happy Birthday to Sparkle!

Here’s to you, Dear Sparkle, fresh catnip flowers for you =^.^= Happy Birthday!

23 thoughts on “Today is a very important day

  1. errrr…ummmm…Texas…aren’t those the same Nip Flowers ya sent to me???? Just wonderin’…they still look pretty fresh?…how’d ya do that???? OH, I see..ya sent Sparkle better flowers! They don’t have all that “wikipedia” junk…well I never! …stalks off pouting, rubbing tiny tear from eye…clumps down with head to pillow and back to world…head drops to pillow…sigh

  2. Oh, and hi Texas. Sorry i haven’t been able to come say hello in a while. My human’s been very busy with “work” so I don’t get much laptop time, unfortunately.

  3. Cat World Domination Day now that’s a reason to celebrate! Texas, you and me unite and dominate oh and let’s not forget Jazz Cat Jay, Savannah, Sparkle….oh and might want that cat from hell in our gang too. Meows! – Slash

  4. Zoey thte Cool Cat doesn’t like catnip……..nor strings, toilet paper, curtains, ropes, threads…………nothing………..just her red ring, which she wakes me up every morning so she can play fetch with the darn thing.

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