16 thoughts on “I think my human is seeing other cats…

  1. Oh My Cat!!! Is she thinking of something bigger than Texas!!! Oh NO!!! ….ummm…not sure something that big would fit in her bed…but I am still thinkin’ Texas would fit in that bed just fine….purrrrrr

  2. Detroit! Detroit! Right? Well, sweetie, see if you can make an exception for the Tiges. Yes. Plural. More than one. A bit promiscuous — but hey. Detroit needs every bit of affection it can get.

  3. Dear Furriends,
    Thank y’all for your support.
    My human’s husband tried to explain that it was actually a sports team from Towson, MD. I’m not entirely convinced by the explanation but they do have a website (www.towsontigers.com) and that would only prove that we feline rule the world, since even humans try to make us believe they can be feline, too. Which is ridiculous but well, they’re only humans ;-)

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