Happy birthday, America! I’m glad to live here =^.^=

My human explained to me that today is America’s birthday. America is where I live now. I moved with the humans and half-brothers a little less than a year ago.

My human had been talking about me, her and the others moving to America for quite some time before. She was very excited. I didn’t understand at the time. She had also told me before that I would go to Ireland too but I never went. Milou didn’t like Ireland (that story is for another post) so I don’t really care. But America is great: I have a huge garden with little live animals to observe. And also the catnip plant is starting to smell like catnip (another post too)! Fresh catnip! Very nice. Of course I have to live with my half-brothers who never play with me but that’s okay. Also I miss my human’s mom sometimes (T’was fun to play “treat or bite” with her!). But I like America.

So since it is America’s birthday today, and it is my first time in America, I asked my human to take a couple of pics of me with an American flag.

I want to wish America a special, HAPPY BIRTHDAY with lots of purrs!

30 thoughts on “Happy birthday, America! I’m glad to live here =^.^=

  1. Well Texas, on behalf of my little tiny section of America I say “we’re very happy you, your Mom and your half-brothers moved here!!” and thanks for celebrating the 4th of July with us. You look VERY patriotic with your flag!! I hope that one of these days those half-brothers of yours will get around to learning how much fun THREE cats playing together can be!!!

    Kitty Hugs and Happy 4th!

  2. Mieow Texas,
    Happy 4th!! to you & you bean too ^..^

    Fankz fur liking us on owr FBpage . We will go back an Like you to…… but you’ll probably see da mom’z stuff cause she hazn’t figured how to comment from us….. ^..^ anywhoooooo we will also put you on da sidebar on owr blog ^.,^

    da girlz thinkz you furry good looking ^.,^ ♥♥♥ ,,,,,,,,,,,az fur da rest ov da 4th, we’ll be spending it UTB!! when da boomz start :O

    Headbonkz ~
    ^..^ x6 +1 :))

  3. Hi, Texas! Sorry to be so late commenting on your post. This was purrfect for July 4th. As an American kitty, let me just say thank you for the sweet wishes. We’re so glad you’re here.
    Love, Sundae

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