Mondays are for memories: Hiya! My name is Texas! What’s your name? Yes, you on the box!

Today I thought I would share some pictures of me from when I was much younger… a kid (a little less than 4 months old).

That was back in Paris, in my human’s husband’s (then boyfriend) apartment in Paris, dans le 18e arrondissement.

My human loves this picture very much. Actually she took several such pictures.

With, and without external light :-/

There was some activity going on on the floor (Milou, I guess).

At that point, I became bored.

And I decided I needed a nap ;-)

Wishing y’all an excellent week!

30 thoughts on “Mondays are for memories: Hiya! My name is Texas! What’s your name? Yes, you on the box!

  1. Oh Texas! Is it OK to tell you that you were adorable when you were a little guy?? Well, you WERE and you grew into a handsome cat. What an adventure it must have been to travel here from Paris with your half-brothers and humans. Love the pictures……!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. Hi Texas,
    Now you were a really cute little kitty! You do look a little like our El Camote [], who, I’m sad to say, disappeared more than a year ago. So, be careful and just don’t stray from your place.
    Happy purring days,

      • Hi Texas,
        Thanks for replying, and sorry for not answering sooner.
        As to El Camote: I really am afraid that something did happen to this sweet little chap. Since we’re living about 2 miles out of town, with no houses close by, I don’t think he just ran away to find a different home. Living here in the southern Texas countryside is full of dangers for house animals, with coyotes, snakes, javalinas etc. around. We have lost quite a few kitties and als my best friend Buster to them. And earlier this year our sally had an encounter with javalinas that nearly cost her her life. Such is “life in the boonies”.
        Take good care of yourself,

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