Mondays are for memories: human into blue water

Have you ever wondered why humans sometimes do some weird things like eating citrus, or throwing away bags and boxes?

Well, one day, back in the nice apartment with the round stairs in France, I caught my human barefoot with blue water in the tube! What was she doing in there? I’ll never know! Do you have any idea?

(these pics were taken by my human with her phone so their quality is not very good but I like them anyway)

33 thoughts on “Mondays are for memories: human into blue water

  1. Cute pictures, Texas! When I first came to live with Motor Man and Motor Mommy, I was fascinated by their tub. I’d sit on the edge, or stand with my paws on it if either one of them took a bath instead of a shower. You’re such a cute kitty!
    Love, Sundae

  2. My Humom’s got one of those tubs, she swims in it but I’m not allowed!! I dooo play wiff the bubbles though :)
    Have a great day, pop and see the inteview :) x

  3. Shudder. I go in one of those regularly and (whispering) have a bath – it is horrible and I cry but even that doesn’t stop Beloved.
    All I can say Texas is run, run out of that room and never return or you might get bathed too and it is an experience too horrible for me to describe.

  4. Awwww….lovely pictures!!! You look pawsome, Texas! Are you interested in the bath tub? I really hate it and whenevr mom takes me in the bath, I’m shaking!!!

  5. Hi Texas! Well, one thing I know for sure is that humans do a variety of very weird things which I am hard-pressed to understand INCLUDING that bath/shower thing they do every day. It’s beyond me why they would VOLUNTARILY get wet…..I do like to play in puddles outside though. Maybe your human was pretending she was playing in a BLUE puddle with her toesies in the picture? You look like you’re trying to figure out what’s going on – that’s for sure!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  6. Even though we live in a big house, there is no real bath here! A large shower in one room and a sort of Roman tub/shower thing in the other. So no funny colored water here.

  7. Reminds me of my youngest cat, who literally comes running when she hears the bath water start. She is fascinated and spends all of bath time cruising the rather narrow edge. I have to watch her closely, like a toddler, when the hot water is on (who needs kids?)

  8. We used to wonder why our human would subject herself to such torture, but we soon discovered that when she is in said torture chamber we can get an awful lot done because, even if she gets out to come and chase us for something, she has to wrap some sort of human fur around herself before she leaves our bathroom. We wish she would do this more often.

  9. clearly you like your water Texas…but blue…seriously??!!…thank Cod you did not drink it. Your innards would still be blue. By the way…what color is your Mom’s footsies now??? Still blue??? That would match her morning slippers huh?!

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