Minette’s Feast: a book about a cat and food in Paris. What’s not to like about it?

Remember I mentioned this book before?

Well, my human borrowed it at the library some time ago and we had the occasion to read it together. No, I was not snoozing!

Well, it’s a lovely little book. My human even plans to buy it when she can to keep it.

It is primarily a children book, so it is a quick read for a cat or adult human. It is full of beautiful drawings of Minette, Julia Child‘s Parisian cat.

It tells the story of how Julia Child, then studying cooking in Paris, came to adopt Minette and what Minette’s life was like living in Paris with Julia Child.

Both my human and I liked it lots. Me because it’s mostly about a Parisian cat and my human because it’s about a cook and beautiful drawings of her cat. Also, as mentioned before, this makes a great book to introduce cats and cooking to a child.

All in all, go check it out.

You can see part of it on Amazon (to give you an avant-goût).

You can also go check the author’s page. You can watch the author in the following video (talking about Minette’s Feast, starting at 1min20) and see some of the drawings from the book. Minette was really cute =^.^=

Also you can see images here and here.

We hope you’ll like it!

13 thoughts on “Minette’s Feast: a book about a cat and food in Paris. What’s not to like about it?

  1. I’ve never heard of the name ” Julia Child ” but after reading your post and also watched the authur’s short interview, this book ” Minette’s Feast” sounds really interesting and the drawings inside of the books are so cute! We love Childrens books and my mom has bought several books published by ” L’ecole des loisirs” BOL! Thanks for sharing this info, Texas! We’d love to read it! :)

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