I feel like eating fish

Since my human is again gone for the week to another of these seminar thingies, I thought I might as well go fishing!

Please forgive the mess my human left behind. This is her desk. Well, no, sorry, this is my desk but this is her mess.

Anyway, the humans say to get fish you need to fish or go fishing. So fishing I went. But there were no salmon to fish. No fish at all actually. Nothing but Milou…

. . .


35 thoughts on “I feel like eating fish

  1. Yooo is sooo cute Texas, try the fridge…there might be a fish in dare!! Pop over and see’s me..I needs ya vote in a competition…pleeeeaaase :) xxx

  2. Oh, I have a blue toy like that one. I didn’t know I could go fishing with it. I like tuna and salmon. Can I get those with my toy?

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