Mondays are for memories: The day my human adopted me – Part 2

Two weeks ago I had started a post about the day my human adopted me. Here is a video to complete it!

It is a video of me arriving in my new home. If you watch long enough, you will be able to see Grouik and the first time we met!

I hope you liked this little retrospective (vocab builder) =^.^=

48 thoughts on “Mondays are for memories: The day my human adopted me – Part 2

  1. Sweet Texas we have very much enjoyed seeing you as a younger kitty and when you first got home. You did a great job inspecting when you arrived. Sweet Grouik must have looked really big to you since you were such a wee one you didn’t quite know what to do did you? Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Oh lovely Texas – such a brave fellow checking out the joint. Dear Grouik – those bigglies always have that same reaction of licking the lips. We’ve just taken on our latest waif and stray and all four of her elders have done the same thing!

  3. I can’t believe how tiny you were – so cute!! I have never been on a subway, but it looks like a very scary way to start your big day!! You were so scared of Gruik bless you, typist just wanted to pick you up and squish you!!

  4. Oh wez just loved that..I luv’s how yoz tip toe in the shoes and start lickin em, then yoz make yourself jump :) Grouik looks like a mountain lion compared too yoz..So sweet..Luved it :)
    Big hugs
    Mollie and Alfie xx

    • Thank you! The subway was very noisy and at one point one person asked my human if she would give me to that person. I didn’t know my human yet but I liked her (I chose her after all!) and was relieved to hear her say “hell no!”

  5. Oh Texas, I know your humans and your kitty brothers were very happy to have a brand new little furball to play with….you were a teeny little thing – when we’re that little EVERYTHING is huge! Grouik wasn’t quite sure WHAT you were was he?!?! :D :D :D Now look at you – ruling the roost with Milou. You’ve come a long way buddy – from Paris to NY and from baby to big guy.

    Kitty Hugs From Your Pal Sam

  6. Awwww…..what a lovely video this is, Texas! It made me smile as you are so tiny, cute and curious kitten. Then almost at the end of the video, it made my eyes leaky….because of charming Grouik was there….coming to you in a friendly way that made you feel more fears. Thanks for sharing this with us, Texas! :)

  7. What a great video! So wonderful to see that Grouik responded in such an inquisitive fashion to you. You were such a tiny little one: you had to act all big to show how tough you were. Now that you know the ropes, you can be the big, gentle brother. :-)

  8. Uh-oh, I shouldn’t have let Motor Mommy watch that video. Seeing you as a sweet little kitty now has her thinking she’d like a kitten. Yikes!
    Love, Sundae

  9. c’est adorable, il marche tout doucement, et la rencontre de Grouik le surprend, Grouik est accueillant et calme avec le petit nouveau.
    Merci pour cette vidéo très touchante.

  10. Texas you were just a wee tiny thing and riding on the Subway must’ve been kinda scary for you. But we thought you were very brave when you got to your new home, and oh my when you met Grouik you stood your ground. Very cute!!

    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  11. Très sympathique cette vidéo… Je me suis marrée avec la rencontre du “grand” Grouik, chez moi, ce sont les grands qui reculent et crachent quand un petit arrive !…

    (au fait, j’ai oublié de te dire l’autre jour, je suis arrivée ici à force de lire tes comms sympas chez Laurence, Histoire de Chat)


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