Oh boy! It’s a girl!!

Miss Satchie and family: if you’re reading, we thought a lot about you yesterday. Let me explain.

So the humans brought Frisco to the vet to make sure he was in good health and so he would get his vaccines. Frisco is in perfect health but the vet decided to check, to be sure you know, that he was a boy.


No, the kiddie is a little girl. MOL!

Of course we all love her the same (Milou’s still hissing too) but the humans decided to change her name to Kitshka (They wouldn’t tell me why this name!).

You Go Girl!

P.S.: Sorry, awards acceptance tomorrow. I need a nap now.

66 thoughts on “Oh boy! It’s a girl!!

  1. you guys cracked Mom up!! Mom: seriously guys, you just look at their little genital areas, boys are shaped like a circle, dot and girls are shaped like a slit…that’s it…no mystery! just sayin’…but in the end (punny)…who cares???!!! You have a bouncing baby girl cat!!! YEA!!! Look out Texas and Milou!!! We lady cats totally ROCK!! ohhhh…hiya Texas…luv ya man, paw pats, Savvy

  2. Well, we certainly know that. Our “Olivia” came back from the vet as “Oliver” – and that, to our vet’s shame – he himself was most embarrassed about it – only after her/his SECOND visit! And years ago our “Bertha” came back as “Bert”. Alas, he is no longer with us as he got run over by a car.
    Be a good fried to little Kitshka – well, I’m certain you will,

  3. Boy or girl, you sure are a little cutie!

    Thank you for your kind words on the loss of my mother. Its a comfort to know so many nice people. Your support really helped.

    Paula & the Twinkletoe Tails Gang

  4. That happens so often! We didn’t bother to change Bertie’s name when we found out he was a she. Kitshka is a lovely name. Watch out Texas, little girls can get spoiled – you’d better be on top of things :D

  5. Hee hee. My Fergus is a girl. My friend owned her before me and took her to the vet’s to be neutered. When my friend arrived home after dropping ‘him’ off the phone was ringing. It was the vet’s receptionist who said they were terribly sorry but they couldn’t neuter Fergus. Shock and horror from my friend ‘Why not? What’s wrong’. The answer (through stifled snigger)… ‘because Fergus doesn’t actually have any testicles; but we can spey her if you like’. My friend says the worst thing about it was that she had to go back to pick Fergus up after the operation. :) The name stuck though.

  6. What a pleasant surprise! A baby sister instead of a baby brother – she’s totally adorable….and we love her name too! Concatulations on the new member of the family Texas!

    Kitty Hugs to ALL of you, Sammy

  7. Hey Texas, Jet here. Hi Miss Carine.

    That’s a riot! BOL! Mom asked me to share that she had a rabbit named Sylvester when she was young, only to find out that Sylvester was really Sylvia!

  8. So nice of you to stop by! The exact thing happened to us but in reverse. We thought Quill was a female for the first month – Dude looked like a lady….

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