45 thoughts on “Bed sharing – Part 7

  1. C’est le jeu des corbeilles musicales chez toi!
    La 2ème photo est craquante , On dirait que Kitshka se marre bien de la farce qu’elle vient de faire!

  2. aaahhh…ummmm…Texas, why is it you keep losing your beds to other cats?? Don’t ya ever wanna take a nap in your own bed??? Maybe you outta stick a sign on it that says “RESERVED”?? Just a thought…paw pats, Savannah

  3. Welcome to my world :) at least youz a kittie sharin wiff a kittie..Im’ze a DAWG sharin wiff a ” FURBALL ” Don’tz forget Mez nip nap bud :) Hay man…xxx00xx
    Luv’s ya :)

  4. Two things… first – it doesn’t look like there’s much sharing going on there, more a takeover, and second – I’m impressed that yours use their beds!

  5. She is pretty darn cute. You could send her here for a week or two.

    Hey–refuse to cuddle for a DAY? Ha ha ha! I have refused to cuddle for my whole LIFE!! (Well, okay, that’s not QUITE strictly true, but honestly, I am **not** a lap boy. No way, no how.)

    • Then you have to train the humans, Spitty.
      Yesterday they brought Kitshka to the vet for her shot and the vet’s assistant offered to trim her claws and the humans refused. Now, I have to say that I was there before her to train them ;-)

  6. BOL! Your family has got many bed stories!!! Those pictures and stories made me laugh! Your bed must be comfy, Texas! Kitshka looks lovely! :)

  7. Liousha : Oh Texas, ton lit est aussi pris d’assaut !
    Tiki : Hihi, mais il y a de la place pour deux, non ?
    Liousha : Et voilà, ce que Tiki me dit à chaque fois. En occupant le lit tout seul. Texas, comme je comprends ton désarroi – surtout qu’on voit bien sur la photo 2 qu’il s’agit d’une provocation. Ronrons.

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