Mondays are for memories: My first can of wet food and Milou trying to eat it

Hiya everyone!

Today is a holiday here in the U.S. It is Labor Day. So my human will be working for me, since it’s LABOR Day. Heh. Happy Labor Day, human. She’s happy with that apparently =^.^=

Here is a video of when I ate my first can of wet food. It was very yummy and I wasn’t about to let Milou eat it for me. Although my human bought even better food since then, like with entire pieces of tuna or chicken. But I digress.
I was almost 4 months at the time. It was in my human’s boyfriend’s tiny apartment in Paris.

It’s a bit long but Milou is patient and also, if you wait til the end, you can see that even Grouik had a hard time having a bit of my leftovers.

Enjoy Monday!

41 thoughts on “Mondays are for memories: My first can of wet food and Milou trying to eat it

  1. Nice of you not to reach out and give Milou a push away from your dish Texas….We can’t see videos (sadly) but the still shot with you eating away and Milou trying VERY HARD not to stick his face in there is so cute!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. Oh that’s sooo sweet Texas..I couldn’t see all the video, I have a cwap connection and it just keeps swirling and stoppin..I wills pop back to try again.Wez saw most of it but Wez wanted to see the end :) xx00xx

  3. Texas, even at just four months you were a very assertive (VBP) boycat. You were not pushy or hissy, you just used a bit of your paw power to make sure you got as much as you wanted! But Milou, who clearly needs to miss a couple of meals(MOL), was very creative using his paw to sneak a bit…purrfect Monday Memory, paw pats , Savannah

  4. Aw, Motor Mommy was smiling as she looked at the video. Milou was very patient with you. She figured your little tummy would get full quickly, leaving some for her. And sweet Grouik….
    love, Sundae

  5. BOL! This video made me laugh a lot! It’s very interesting to see Milou hesitating to take your food but finally couldn’t stand and used his paw to sneak a bit, and Grouik’s hesitation! Your cat family is so funny, and the video looks like a comedy show! I loooove it!:) P.S. the music was also pawsome!

  6. The music was PERFECT.. the lighting.. lol. Milou IS patient which was so sweet to watch, including the sneaky paw of sneakiness nabbing a taste. the ending of ‘will preform for wet food’ was perfect.. love it! I hope a lot more wet food is / has been in their future

  7. Liousha : Ici, c’est impossible de goûter la nourriture de Tiki. En fait, c’est lui qui parfois me pousse de la tête pour manger mes repas.
    Tiki : Je vois bien que ce que tu manges est meilleur…
    Phil : Tiki préfère la nourriture de Liousha et vice versa… Cette vidéo est adorable et tendrement burlesque. Glop, la façon de ne pas y toucher de Milou. On en redemande.

  8. We think Milou was very patient if not a tad insistant :)

    It looks as though everyone had a little taste in the end!

    the critters in the cottage xo

    • Well, my human uses a Qwerty keyboard too so to add the accents she has to put the spelling correction to French and from there, she corrects with the accents (easier than leaning all the shortcuts, she says).
      Whatever all that means!

  9. Comme quoi, petit ventre affamé peut imposer sa loi! Milou très patient ou très repu!Ce que j’aime beaucoup, ce sont les regards en arrière de texas comme s’il craignait qu’on lui retire l’assiette!

  10. Such well behaved kitties you are! We all eat separately or everyone would eat Oui Oui’s food (she’s VERY slow). The mom loved the music. She thought it sounded fun and easy to play (she plays piano).

  11. Hee hee hee–Milou’s “sneaky paw of sneakiness”! It was fun seeing your brofurs, especially your sweet brofur who has gone to the Bridge. You kitties look like you have a good time! Has the little one gotten a can of foodz of her own yet??? (I should prolly read back but I am kind of lazy….)

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