Let’s purr in harmony – Let’s make 09/09 “Mo-Cats Day”

Hiya furriends,

I did not intend to post today. I wanted to visit your blogs since I am about at least 500 posts late (that’s what gmail is telling me and my human almost fell from her chair when she opened my mailbox today).

But we received an email from my human furriend Janina, telling us that one of her human furriends had posted something on Facebook saying that today, there should be a moratorium on cats on Facebook because there were too many rats out there and instead of striking the pose for Facebook pictures we should go out and hunt rats.


We, kitties, have recently been the target of a dirty smear campaign (I won’t post links to the smear campaign articles, you all saw one or two, but instead I want to link to a post from Cat Wisdom 101 that sums up pretty well what I think: here).

Also, I had heard of this cat-free day on the Internet stuff when it first came up. I had liked the reaction of the cat blogosphere. I didn’t intend to do anything special today, except keep on posting as usual because at my home, it is cat-day everyday!

I know my furriend’s furriend’s post on Facebook was meant as a joke. Still, I was a bit shocked to read some of the comments.

Peeps: if you don’t like cat pics, just don’t go watch cat pics on the Internet! You can hide the profiles that post cat pics from your news feed. But don’t ask for a moratorium or worse. Really, I’m telling you, some humans are strange.

We, kitties, just ignore humans or stuff we don’t like. We don’t campaign to have them forbidden.

So anyway, in the spirit of freedom, I want to share more cat pics for those who want more cat pics.

I have created a special Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/MoCatsDay

We kitties are free spirits. So I refuse we be silenced in any way. No one is forced to visit the page. But this page will exist for those who want to visit it.

If you like the idea, I invite you to visit the page, like it if you like to see cat pics and want to see more, and post a picture of yourself (that’s for kitties) or of your kitty furriend (that’s for humans) on this page.

What do you think, kitties? I say let’s purr in harmony to show the world that kitties rule!

47 thoughts on “Let’s purr in harmony – Let’s make 09/09 “Mo-Cats Day”

  1. Oh we TOTALLY agree here Texas! I think Easy’s right too – cat pics are a whole lot cuter than some of the humans on that Facebook thingie!!!! Speaking of cute – that photo of you and Kitshka is super…… :D :D

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. Sheesh! This is such a ridiculous notion it’s almost enough to get the Human to set up a facebook account again (um, notice I said almost, ha ha meow).

    But hey, I’m a CAT and proud of it! Without the kitties, the Interwebs would wither and DIE!

  3. I agree with you Texas! Although I’m a dog, I can’t live without cats even on any single day as they are such cute furfriends!!! I enjoyed your new FB page! The pictures are fabulous!!!

  4. What a fantastic post for Mo-cats day. Of course we totally agree. There should be more cats on the internets. What else is there. We are headed over to see the Facebook page. Take care.

  5. Hey Texas, Jet here.

    We missed the whole thingie and find it most odd. We support your position and in honor of Puffy, our sweet Fluff, we welcome feline posts and pics any time, any day, any way!!!

  6. I am convinced that the internet was so quick to catch on because it is the fastest way to share cat pictures!

    Or, just go on Youtube, there are more cat videos than videos of anything else (I do not have a source to cite for this, but you know it’s true!)

    Anyway, thank you for supporting the kitties and their free spirit. Sammie and I stand with you :)

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  8. You say you’re about at least 500 posts late? Now imagine what’s my status on that! MOL

    My human is also overwhelmed but since it is all her fault, I will let her deal with it ;)

    Too bad I missed this post yesterday, though. That makes me sad

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