September 9 – Pet Memorial Day and Mo Cats Day

I am extremely late in posting today. My human insisted on using the evil vacuum cleaner which made her lost precious time. Anyway.

I posted yesterday about Mo Cats Day, in reaction to a Facebook post that was sent our way. Some kitties posted their picture on the Facebook page, but not so many, so please don’t hesitate!

I also learned that today was Pet Memorial Day.

Below you will find two pictures of my half-brother Grouik, that we lost in July, as you probably know if you are reading my blog. You can follow the link to his special page by clicking on the pictures.

We miss you lots Grouik. I think Milou is a little lost without you. But we have a new little sister. Milou is a bit grumpier, as you would guess, but he’s getting used to her. I think you would have liked little Kitshka.

I also happen to think that Mo Cats Day is a great way to honor Grouik actually. I think he would have liked to have a confirmation that we do rule the world (and the Internet for that matter). He sure ruled his human’s heart and life.

Many purrs to all.

29 thoughts on “September 9 – Pet Memorial Day and Mo Cats Day

  1. Hey Texas, Jetty here. Hi Miss Carine.

    We would send purrs if we could, instead we send Jetty kisses and JJ hugs in memory of your sweet Grouik… we know he remains in a pocket on your heart. xoxoxxo

  2. We loves your post today. We was just reading back through some of your bloggy on Caturday and we readed about Grouik going to the Bridge. We know you are still sads about that and we are happy that you have a new little girl to bring you joy. The new kitties never replace the ones who Came Before, but they do remind us that there are always more kitties to love. XOXOXO

  3. Lovely to be able to remember Grouik and the ones we have loved and lost. They are never far from our minds are they and like me with Zac I’m sure sometimes you catch a movement out of the corner of your eye and just for a moment you think they are there…. then you remember.

  4. Hi Texas…..I know you’re all still very sad about losing Grouik but I ALSO know he’s really still with you in spirit. In fact, I bet when you see little Kitshka flying around the house like she’s being chased she IS – Grouik may be playing with her while he’s there keeping an eye on the rest of you!! He’ll always be with you….

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  5. Votre Grouik a retrouvé au paradis de nos minous ma petite Toune partie il y a 6 ans mais à laquelle je pense tendrement toujours. Une autre histoire s’écrit avec chaque nouveau chat mais aucun ne prend la place de ceux qui nous ont quittés..
    Zaza et Lulu sont très fières d’être sur votre page FB pour protester contre cette idée saugrenue de vouloir une journée sans chat .

  6. Texas….we miss grouik, too…..we very often think of him and check him special page to watch the lovely pictures and the video. I know Milou is a little lost without him as I can easily imagine how he has been feeling since he hasn’t seen his lovely brother….I hope that adorable Kitshka will comfort him….
    I’m sure that Grouik always stays where all of you are!!! He is still there! :)

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