Mondays are for memories: My bike

First things first: Milou would like to thank all of you for all your best wishes and nice comments. I think he enjoyed having his special day and spent most of it napping =^.^=

Now for the memories. My human used to have an exercise bike in her apartment in Paris. I absolutely loved it. In fact I made it mine. Besides, my human rarely used it (Yes it’s true, human!)! I loved loved it!

Unfortunately, before we all moved to the U.S., my human sold it to some strangers claiming that we could not bring everything to America. So I had to say adieu to my bike.

Here is one of the good moments I had on it! In case you are wondering, this is not my human on the video (my human was filming), this is my human’s Mom.

Hope you enjoy the video!

If you cannot see the video on this blog, go here.

57 thoughts on “Mondays are for memories: My bike

  1. Oh Texas it sure looks like you loved that exercise bike! Good for you….a guy needs his exercise……we have an old exercise bike down in our basement but I can’t get up on the seat – way too high for me. I’ll leave all that hard stuff to you young guys!

    Glad Milou had a special “Milou Day” !!
    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. Texas, those bikes are famous for gathering errant clothing and cats! We think that’s really what they’re made for, and we fight for the seat on our human’s bike (she says the “pedal” is broken and can’t be fixed, but we much preferred when she used this bike instead of the one out on the front porch when she disappears for a day…)

  3. dood !! this iz a grate mewvie; R mom cracked up at from like time 32 to 40; ewe haz grate balancin skills for sure….we gives yur mewvie 25 paws up !!

  4. I agree. Exercise video Texas. The Producer has a recliner bike in the back room which she doesn’t use very much – It’s got a lovely big seat. I bet you could sleep on it in the sun. I’d send it to you but The Producer still pretends she is going to use it…. one day!

  5. Yeowser Meowser Texas!!! What a mancat cathlete your are!! I never knew!!! And like all great cathletes, you knew to wash up after using that nasty machine after someone else had sweated all over…probably some ‘human’!! Totally pawsome my furriend, High Paw Pumps, Savvy

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