Getting your human’s attention – Books (Part 2)

You may remember that I had a technique to get your humans’ attention when they decide to read instead of playing with you. This technique worked on the couch, as you can see on the pictures, but what if your human decides to read in bed?

It is actually no different. It’s on the bed after all, so all you have to do is go sleep on it. The book that is.

Hiya, human! Is it time to sleep already?

Let me check your clock! Oh yes! It is time!

Sorry, no time to read

Sweet dreams!

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51 thoughts on “Getting your human’s attention – Books (Part 2)

  1. My tiny dog (who thinks she’s a cat) will walk on my laptop (which leads to interesting type-o’s) when she wants me to move it out of the way so that she can curl up in that space. They have their motives!!

  2. HA! Good technique… parents occasionally read in bed and I find that if I play my cards right, I can manage to look totally asleep on top of the book if they make the mistake of leaving the bed for even one minute! Works great with the Sunday newspaper too when Dad gets up to go grab another cup of coffee…..he comes back and I’m PRETENDING to be sound asleep on top of the section of the paper he was reading. Tee Hee….

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  3. xD That would we quite hard for us, seeing as we live in a cage! But we’ll try it next time we’re out for a cuddle and mummeh gets distracted! :D
    Piggeh kisses,
    Poppy and Clover

  4. Oh that is such a good idea. We could sit on the keyboard and then she couldn’t do the computer. But book sitting is the best idea ever. Thanks for this. Take care and have a great day.

  5. The Producer reads on her iPad which is very boring to walk on. No interesting crinkle sounds at all. And she doesn’t let me sleep on the bed with them. No fun my Producer!

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