Shipmates! Ye be wantin’ to be talkin’ like a seafarin’ hearty?

Hiya buckos!

Today is International Talk/Meow like a Pirate Day! I didn’t know about that day until I saw it advertised on some of my furriends’ blogs! I think ’tis so cool!

For those who want to learn about the origins o’ the day, you can check here or here. For those who need a translator, check here or here. On the second linkie you can enter the URL of your blog to have it translated into pirate talk! ‘Tis o’ so cool!

Now I ain`t got nay time t’ waste! Let be havin’ fun!

[Pirate graphics used thanks to this Brush set]

33 thoughts on “Shipmates! Ye be wantin’ to be talkin’ like a seafarin’ hearty?

  1. Texas you make a very dashing pirate I must say! My Mom can’t dress me up cuz her computer is older than dirt BUT I can certainly ACT like a pirate today….I’ll hide around corners and grab for booty (or ankles) when I can and maybe steal a few things and hide them away in my pirate cave. It’s the thought that counts right??? :D :D

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

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