Getting your human’s attention: when too much is too much

Remember a couple of days ago when I explained how to get your human’s attention when your human was reading in bed? Well, it looks like I got a little too much attention. She decided she wanted some snuggling time instead of reading!

Seriously, what’s with the snuggles and kisses?! I just need to play and get some tuna!

Human! What are all the Ladycats reading my blog going to think now?! I’m a grown Mancat for Ceiling Cat sake!

36 thoughts on “Getting your human’s attention: when too much is too much

  1. Oh Texas….now you know (like I do) that no matter how manly we are, a good snuggle and hug feels swell ONCE IN A WHILE…..come on – you can admit it. If it makes our humans smile – well – it’s worth it right? After all, they take pretty darn good care of us…so we can afford to let down our manly guard for a few minutes…..:D :D

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. Our moms and dads need the soft satiny snuggles they get from us and all the kisses they give us actually help us grow. (that’s what my mom said anyway). We are made to be loved on. And our pawrents are drawn helplessly to us. MOL

  3. pee ess when my mom reads in bed which she always does when she gets in, I immediately jump up on her and make like a sphinx on her chest and demand that she put the book away. It takes months to read the book in the bedroom.

  4. Texas, I feel the same way! And when my human isn’t busy putting her human cooties all over my fur, do you know what she has been doing? She has been making me DANCE! The horrors! There is NO dignity to be had here.

    • Oh my?! Sparkle, believe it or not, my human has been making me dance with her since I am a kitten. She pretends to waltz (or other dance) with me. I generally let her for a minute or two because it makes her happy and her husband can’t dance really, but still…

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