We’re threatening to strike

Alright furriends, I am so not pleased with my human and her not giving me time to 1) post on my blog, 2) visit all my furriends’ bloggies (I tried this but didn’t manage to visit all of you yet – sorry).

Sooooo, being a French kitty, I’m threatening to STRIKE: no more purrs, no more letting my human pet me if we are not back by THIS Friday (and have additional dried tuna treats everyday and tuna juice twice a week)! You hear me human? Of course I will train Kitshka in the art of French strike.

Kitshka has started making banners out of Christmas gift paper she found behind a closet, hidden (!). Agreed, she needs a little more practice.

Today, we have planned a sit-in in front of the desk.

Oh and human, we KNOW where the Greenies are. So Friday is the lastest limit.

[My human was scared enough about the no-purring threat that she helped me post this one, so Kitshka and I have high hopes]

38 thoughts on “We’re threatening to strike

  1. HA HA! Oh Texas, you and Kitshka will have her doing your bidding in NO time at all! I love you French with your “resistance” attitudes! We support you! I’ll make signs! We’ll picket, we will!


  2. Stand ya ground Texas, it’s not good enough, Humom might not have Furriends, you guy’z have and wez miss youz… You and Kitshka look so gorgeous all cuddled up..she is growing :) Well we don’t see much of you and her, so she will be like a Tiger next time your Humom posts BOL Love you boff..xx00xx

  3. Kishka semble très prometteuse dans l’art de la déchirure de papiers cadeaux ! Avec un peu plus de pratique, je suis sûre qu’elle pourra fabriquer de superbes banderolles pour votre future grève !
    Si tes humains accèdent à ta demande, j’attends ta visite sur mon blog avec impatience : il y a pas mal de nouveaux articles car je suis un peu patraque en ce moment et Maman vous tient au courant régulièrement de ma santé !
    Ronrons à tous !

  4. Well Texas and Kitschka, you two look so cute snuggling as you rest between bouts of banner construction! A purr strike absolutely will work…..trust me….humans MUST have purring from their cats so I think your Mom is going to be at your mercy before Friday gets here! Everybody’s right – Kitschka is growing QUICKLY…… ;)

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy :D

  5. Kitshka, you have a lot of budding artistic talent – don’t let anyone tell you different! Just keep practicing, and practicing and your banners will soon be perfect!

  6. Kitshka, that wrapping paper art is gallery worthy! And both of you going on strike is a good move. Sometimes humans need to be reminded who exactly is in charge!!

    the critters in the cottage xo

    P.S. Also, try not to look so cute when your humans are around! :p

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