Back to normal + fun family activity

Hiya furriends!

Thank you all for your support yesterday! I’m glad to announce that my human was terrified at the idea of my purring strike – and also wanted to keep some of her Christmas paper for Christmas, how strange it may seem! – so we won!

I am back to blogging today (one day before the lastest limit). We didn’t get the extra treats and tuna juice though (the human wasn’t too pleased with the strike threat per se) but we’ll find a way.

We will go back to visiting your bloggies starting today. Yeah!

In the meantime, as proof of goodwill from everyone, the humans decided to build (yet) another shelving thingie to accommodate (Vocab Building Project VBP) more of my human’s books and let Kitshka and I watch supervise.

As you can see, we got everything under control. We were there to help them measure stuff.

We were there to support the humans.

What are you waiting for?
Start the job! We have blogging stuff to do!

Not too bad, human. Keep on keeping on.

Kitshka got a little distracted along the way, but that’s okay, she’s still young.

Tomorrow, I’ll start showing you some of the cool stuff I was so lucky to win! Have a great day my furriends!

28 thoughts on “Back to normal + fun family activity

  1. They always cave in when the thing you withhold hurts! Kitchka is getting the hang of IKEA quickly – bop the metal thingies as far as possible and watch the who project grind to a halt :-)

  2. Well Texas, it’s obvious that without you and Kitschka helping, the DIY project would not have been nearly as successful ! It appears you AND your little sister have become IKEA experts which is more than we can say around MY house…….

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy :D

  3. L’indispensable coup de pattes des arpètes félins pour aider les bipèdes à comprendre un schéma de montage Ikéa! Sans eux impossible de s’en sortir!

  4. OMC! MomKatt LOVES IKEA! Our coffee table is by them. Black & big & just pawsome!

    I didn’t know you were a DIY kitty, Texas! WTG! MomKatt can hammer nails but that’s about it … MOL. Oh yeah, she can paint walls too. Says she likes doing it, it’s “therapy”. I thought that was us kitties’ job …

    As long as she doesn’t paint us … MOL


  5. Viva! His protest was successful. you great help humans Kitshka interpreting assembly diagrams while you oversaw media and surely they were grateful for the help.

  6. Mum loves Ikea but they don’t have one in NZ (iffen they did it would be Auckland which is miiillless away MOL!!)

    Thank you for the comment on my Blogger blog – much appreciated. Mum had to put my WP blog addy in to register a comment (no worries) just so you knows

    Dash Kitten

  7. Be sure to rest, I supervise humans all day long and I know how tiring it can be! And I hope you will now get the extra tuna and tuna juice for being so helpful!!

  8. Félichations pour la victoire ! Et, c’est amusant, il y a une semaine, nous avons aussi assemblé des meubles. Tiki s’est révélé être un spécialiste pour trier la visserie et j’ai fait quelques contrôles surprises.

  9. OMC! My Mom and Dad’s projects all say “Container Store” on them…but just like that “Ikea” stuff you and Kitshka got messed up in…it all requires ‘some assembly’ and Dad is all thumbs!! Mom just directs! It becomes very loud sometimes!! MOL

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